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Nathan Robertson

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Sappenfield

Chief Operations Officer

Evan Ironbear

Video & Photography Manager

Joshua Smith

SEO Lead

Renata Power

Digital Marketing Lead

Madison Barney

Executive Assistant

Marcos Rangel

Commercial Photographer

Kristina Neely

Paid Advertising Specialist

Alex Sommers

Social Media Specialist

Nathan Robertson


Determined to reach his true potential in business and in life, Nathan’s visionary nature has landed him as our CEO.  As a kid working in a restaurant, Nathan saw a business man in a suit, and instantly felt a desire to be something more. He would eventually go on to work for the ‘man in the suit’, buy his own, and develop far enough and fast enough in marketing to make a business out of it himself. Now, with over 12 years of experience as his own ‘man in the suit’ Nathan is dedicated to helping other people grow into their true potential, in business and in life as well.

On a typical day at Spotted Fox Digital, you’ll hear Nathan from all edges of the building, laughing with someone, yelling good morning, or cheering with excitement about something impressive the team pulled off. If you ask him, his high energy and positive outlook are fueled by his wife and two daughters, who above all else, have inspired his true potential. Because he believes being a husband and a dad is the ultimate ‘suit’.

Brad Sappenfield


Aside from his morning coffee, learning new things and passing that knowledge onto others is the fuel that ultimately motivates Brad. As Chief Operations Officer, he mentors our team forward with over 14 years of experience in small business and 22 plus years of experience in web design and composition. He is central to all our greatest resources around here, and it is very common to hear Brad raving about a new software, process, or method that nobody understands today, but won’t be able to live without tomorrow. 

Born and raised in Alabama, Crimson Tide red is his favorite team color (aside from Spotted Fox orange, of course), and the process of nurturing teamwork is his favorite aspect of the game. 

When he’s not decision making, and organizing our wonderful storms of creative chaos here, he enjoys life and routine on the ultimate team with his wife. No matter how successful his coaching is at work, or how many points he scores with a big client, Brad believes life with his wife and their two huskies is the ultimate win. 

Evan Ironbear

Video & Photography Manager

More than just a pretty face on the other side of a lens, Evan has over five years of experience as our Video and Photography Manager for Spotted Fox Digital. As an avid shark fishing, home renovating, snowboard carving, football coaching, life loving enthusiast, he sees the world as if the camera is always on from his point of view. Evan’s passion for adventure in life is what inspires him to give people an experience that is just as memorable as their product. Though he is often in the zone and between his headphones, he rarely misses a punch line or a good time in the office.

Whether it’s setting a pristine scene for product photos, helping a bunch of executives feel natural in front of a camera, or taking aerial footage with the drone, he makes sure you get the good stuff and have a good time. Because it is with great pride and satisfaction that he helps businesses represent their own adventure with quality and care.