COVID-19 Marketing Resources

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COVID-19 Marketing

As we continue to adapt to COVID-19, businesses are transitioning from traditional to digital marketing to better meet their customers where they are, online. Consumers are seeing the importance of Googling businesses to see if they are open or not, are more inclined to online shopping, and are on social media more than ever before.

With all that said, it’s important for business owners to educate themselves on all the marketing options that are available online that will work with their industry.

We have created a couple of short videos as resources for businesses. If you have any additional questions about digital marketing give us a call at 509. 792.3283.

Quick Tips:
  • Focus on the customers you already have.
  • Establish your online presence by ensuring you have a website, a Google My Business, Facebook business page, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Consider investing in Facebook Ads.
  • Run exclusive deals and offers.
  • Give your communications strategy an overhaul!

Customer Support During COVID-19

Our Customer Support Specialist, Kim, provides you with some amazing insight on how to support your customers during these hard times!

Another great resource we found extremely helpful is: How to Communicate With Customers During Times of Crisis

COVID-19 Marketing Strategies & Ideas to Set Yourself Apart!

Get a notepad and something to write with for this one! Our Marketing Assistant, Laurie Dragonchuk, provides some business strategies you can start implementing and working on now to help grow your business even during these uncertain times.

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