Case Study:
Broadmoor RV

About the Project

Broadmoor RV is proud to be one of the nation’s largest and most respected, family-owned RV dealerships. They pride themselves on service after the sale and are proud of the fact that they employ the more certified master technicians than any other dealership in the entire Northwest.

Their current sales model was getting results, but they knew they could be doing so much better with a more comprehensive marketing strategy. Despite their previous approaches to marketing, they knew they needed a local marketing agency dedicated to their marketing growth.

What We Did:

The Results

13,592 People Reached
57 Leads
$5.40 Cost Per Lead
135 Increase in Followers
150% Increase in Engagement

In just 2 months, we revamped Broadmoor RVs image and marketing through a multi-faceted approach that included running a very successful Facebook Ad campaign centered around providing a free RV Starter Kit ($250 Value) with the purchase of a new RV in exchange for a leads contact information. We intended on running this promotional campaign for 3 months but after only 1 month we received a text from Broadmoor RV to turn off the ad because they ran out of RV Starter Kits.

We have also seen a lot of positive responses from our work in managing their social media platforms, which includes an increase in 135 organic followers and a 150% increase in engagement with their posts.

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