Do I Need a Website if I have a Facebook Business Page?

When it comes to promoting your business, Facebook can be a highly effective method for getting the word out for your products or services. This particular social media channel offers insightful statistics, reliable ROI for digital ads, and a direct connection to customers. It’s also free to create a Business Facebook Page.  However, it is a […]

How Many Pages Should My Website Have?

When it comes to Tri-Cities website design, this is a common question we hear from clients who wonder if it’s better to have more pages on their websites, especially for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Other typical questions are:  Is less more with Web pages? What should be my primary Web Pages?  How many pages are […]

Tips to Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

next gen webp images

When you want your business or organization to be found online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – done right – is what will get you there. There are more than 3.5 billion Google searches executed every day. In order to rank high enough for potential visitors to come across your content, you have to play by Google’s […]

What Videos Do You Need for Your Business?

Leverage the power and popularity of videos for your business to promote your brands selling points! YouTube, and video production in general, have reshaped the online marketing landscape and your business needs to adapt to keep up with your market’s demand as videos are now arguably the most effective strategy you can employ to connect […]

Camera Shy? How To Prep For Your Big Video Shoot Day

Even if you aren’t a digital marketing expert or a savvy business professional, chances are you know that when it comes to online marketing content, video is becoming increasingly essential. Whether it is found on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, consumers are drawn to video in big ways. That is why we’ve put together this article to […]

How to Stop Spam Emails and Declutter Your Inbox Once and for All

As of the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users surpassed 2.9 billion, and the number of spam email messages continues to grow. Some days it can be an overwhelming experience just to sift through the spam email messages to get to the relevant, important messages you want to read. But, alas, there […]

The Importance of Professional Photography for Your Brand

Harkening back to cave drawings, to hieroglyphics, to oil paintings, and to social media photos, images and iconography have been employed to tell stories since time immemorial. Professional photographs are essential in creating the aesthetic of your brand. As incorporated in your web design, photography captures the attention of visitors to your website and keeps […]

How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers

Google My Business (GMB) is a free online business profile that is available to any business. You could even have a GMB listing that was automatically generated by Google, and you might have to claim it.  Why is Google My Business so valuable? A GMB account lets you show up in search results when people […]

The Importance of Facebook Retargeting Ads

If you are looking to extend the reach of your brand recognition while increasing leads and repeat customers, then you should consider Facebook, with more than 1 billion active users, and their Facebook retargeting ads. Facebook has evolved to be more than simply a social media platform. Facebook has transformed itself into being a powerful […]

Setting 2021 Marketing Goals

Setting marketing goals in 2021 for your business is not only important but NECESSARY for success! When setting goals we suggest you set SMART goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.  Set time aside to think through each part of your business and identify what 2021 marketing goals you need and how […]