Covid-19 Small Business Relief Opportunity


Our goal is to raise $10,000 – $20,000 per business!

To reach this goal each business will offer a $50 voucher for $25. Limit 1 per person for each business. If a business sells 1,000 vouchers that business will receive $22,500. ( less credit card fees)

At Spotted Fox, we would like to do everything we can to help out…

With the continuity of your operations while creating opportunities to stay afloat and retain clientele. It’s an unprecedented situation calling for creative ways to adapt and stay on top.

Our Solution

Spotted Fox has a solution that will ensure continuing business and create the capital necessary to weather the storm. During this stretch, Spotted Fox will be giving all profits to local businesses that participate. We will also extend the promotional periods to account for any potential delays in operations.

What does this mean?

Spotted Fox is giving all profits to the business that have been forced to shut down their normal operations.

  • Each business that participates will get 90% of the profits we collect ( the 10% we collect is to cover our costs.)
  • Customers will not use vouchers until July 2020.
  •  For restaurants it’s not valid on carry out
  • Expedited Payment Schedule: to make sure you have the funds as quickly as possible
  • Community Partners: we have partnered up with area businesses including local TV, radio stations to promote this service to our community.

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What is Spotted Fox?

Our solutions are designed to identify pre-qualified customers, bring in these customers through your doors, low or no fixed cost advertising, 100% real time tracking and targeted marketing strategies.




ADDITIONAL EXPOSURE (from Social Media/Other)



25 - 55+

DEMOGRAPHIC: Families, Homeowners

How Does My Business Participate?

We have teamed up with community partners to pull together and help you through these uncertain times. Simple complete the form and you will get an email with an electronic authorization to get selling vouchers!