Increase Your Businesses Brand Awareness

The team here at Spotted Fox Digital in the Tri-Cities, WA,  works strategically to boost our client’s brand awareness which in turn positively impacts their marketing efforts, customer perception, and revenue.

Build Your Brand Up!

Are you someone who refers to themselves as an Apple or Android person? Someone that is loyal to a particular product or brand? This is what brand awareness can do for your business!

Through strategy, creativity, and execution, Spotted Fox Digital can help embed your brand into your customer’s lifestyles and purchase habits.

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Services that Can Help You Increase Your Brand Awareness


Increasing brand awareness is the first step towards increasing your customer base and sales, and captivating, high quality video can help you do this!

Search Engine Optimization

A well-thought-out and carefully implemented SEO strategy can bring about many benefits to a company including help boost brand awareness!


Facebook and Instagram brand awareness ads are versatile and attention-grabbing. They help you reach people who are most likely to remember your ad and help improve brand recall.

Social Media Management

Social media continues to be a powerful marketing tool for brands. Increase your brand awareness through a social media strategy that includes consistent and relevant content!