Love what Spotted Fox does for our local businesses! Great team! Creative! Keep up the great work!

Stacy M.

By far the best experience. I felt like I was talking to family. Highly recommend these guys. Very professional!

Aaron H.

Working with Abreena, Brad, Nathen and Evan has be awesome. They are a dream team. If your thinking about social media management, website building, SEO or professional video/photography, go with Spotted Fox Digital!


As a small business owner, I’ve met many chump SEO, social media, and website folks. I have also always been frustrated with the rapid changes and ever-growing aspects of the world wide web. It’s very disappointing to spend a ton of money and see no ROI when in the past I have attempted to seek guidance in these areas. I was hesitant to hire anyone anymore to help me with the technical aspects of my business. However, after meeting with Nathan and Brad, I felt a little better about at least trying them out. I’ll be honest. I gave them very little to work with; financial and content. Yet, the benefits of hiring them were unreal! I had more ticket sales for our events. People started telling me that they are seeing me all over the internet. Whatever they do and however they do it is beyond me. But, I know it’s working! Thank you for helping to clean up my techno-denseness guys! I’ll be a loyal lifer to Spotted Fox!

Alexandra R.

I have been a fan of Spotted fox for many years now. Love it!!

Laurie M.