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6K Video Production Services

We provide video production services for a wide array of videos that include TV commercials, title sequences, music videos, corporate, brand, promo, web commercials, and testimonials.  Our world-class production team has the technical savvy and strategic marketing expertise to deliver optimal ROI on your marketing videos. 

Our full list of services includes:

  • On-location filming and editing
  • Multi-cam live streaming
  • Motion graphics and titling
  • Drone/aerial cinematography

Want to know how much your video will cost?

“Spotted Fox provides a professional and consistent approach to each marketing client. They take the time and effort to understand the marketed message and corresponding KPIs that support the goal of both the consumer and vendor. The Spotted Fox video production and editing team is first class. It is my pleasure to recommend them.”

– Tim C.

How Video Benefits
Your Brand

Industry statistics show that more than half of all businesses in the U.S. leverage videos to promote their brands. 

One compelling benefit of our videos is higher conversion rates for clients. Using video on one of your landing pages could increase your conversion rate by 80 percent, according to WordStream. When we include a video in a business email, we can potentially boost your click-through rate by 200 percent to 300 percent!

It’s helpful to know that Google has been promoting the importance of video content for nearly 15 years. Placing them on your website, you likely will be rewarded with higher rankings on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. 

Videos are a powerful tool when it comes to heightening SEO. While they don’t affect your rankings directly, they do offer your website a better chance of improving them. 

After we have produced and uploaded a video for your company, you are likely to see the time spent by visitors on your website increase, and fewer people leaving within a matter of seconds. The “dwell time,” which is how long a visitor spends on your website, is a very relevant ranking factor for Google. A compelling and engaging video has a good chance of preventing visitors from leaving your website – and this lowers your “bounce rate.”

Videos are the perfect medium to exponentially increase your brand awareness with your target audience. At Spotted Fox Digital, we will leverage your videos to establish a strong connection between your company and your target audience.  Online media research tells us that companies using video marketing have the potential of increasing brand awareness by more than 50 percent, especially when they also communicate the personality of their business to viewers. 

With video production comes the opportunity to establish lasting relationships with viewers. Videos are integral to establishing a rapport with potential customers and new customers. The vibrancy of videos always beats the black text against a white background when it comes to connecting with visitors to your website. Keep this in mind:  it’s much easier to turn away from text and leave your website than it is to turn off a video. 

At Spotted Fox Digital, we will use your videos to help you form connections with viewers that will arouse emotions, unlike any other medium, does.  During the video production process, our team of experts will use a tone of voice, background music, and facial expressions to prompt the reactions you are wanting from your audience. 

Videos have a high share potential! Videos generate 1200 percent more shares than text and images combined! Videos posted on Facebook raise user engagement by 33 percent. It’s equally a good return on investment with email. Just by including the word “video” in the email subject line, you could increase the open rate of your email messages by as much as 13 percent. 

Shareability is one of the most efficient ways of getting your brand noticed and appreciated. When Spotted Fox Digital makes your content more shareable, your business will connect to a wider audience, while also giving that audience opportunities to become your brand evangelists!

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Spotted Fox Digital Marketing

Building Brands with Purpose and Passion.

When you choose Spotted Fox Digital for your video production team, you are signing on with the industry’s best scriptwriters, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, casting directors, and location scouts who are all dedicated to airing your brand messaging to as wide and relevant an audience as possible. 

Spotted Fox Digital also brings state-of-the-art equipment to produce powerful and memorable videos that will significantly increase customer interest and engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and eager buyers for your products and services. 

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