Establish Professional Branding for Your Business with our Style Guide

A style guide is just one step in the right direction in building your brand! If you are interested in learning more about how you can implement your branding throughout your whole business give us a call today at (509) 792-3283.

A brand guide is a rulebook that explains how an organization presents itself to the world through its logo, font and color selections, photography, and much more. Put another way, it’s a reference tool that helps maintain consistency in what a brand looks, feels, and sounds like. It’s so powerful that some people even call it a brand bible, but don’t let that intimidate you—those are just different names for the same document.

Using a brand guide ensures that your brand looks and feels the same, even when you have different people working on customer service, marketing, design, and sales.

What is a Style Guide?

Depending on your business, your style guide can include a lot of different items that are important to your branding.

Some items you may want to include are:

  • Your Brand Ethics: mission statement or vision
  • Tone/Voice used across marketing materials,
  • Negative words to stay away from in marketing – example: realtors must stay away from words that may sound discriminatory in advertising, like “seniors”,
  • Links to slideshow templates,
  • Graphics or icons commonly used,
  • Grammar – do you use the oxford comma or not? Do you use “&” or “and” in communications? Yes, you can be that specific.

Elements Your Style Guide Needs to Include:

  1. Logo Use: Variations & Restrictions
  2. Tagline
  3. Fonts/Typography
  4. Colors