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Frequently Asked Questions

Normally yes. We should be abiding by what the customer wants because at the end of the day it is your account.

The specialist or account manager will schedule a photoshoot within the first 1-5 business days of each month. Clients will give time/date that works well for their schedule and a google calendar will be made.

Each client is given 4 hours each month dedicated to photography/editing. 2 of those hours are left for photoshoots. Typically this means 1-2 photoshoots each month.

Yes, your photos will be uploaded to a google drive folder that we give you access to. We are also able to create Pixie sets as well depending on preference.

No, clients are not required to give ideas of what to post but they are welcome to offer any ideas if they want! That being said, strategists should be coming up with all content ideas.

Yes, all posts will be sent to you for approval the last week of each month. Any posts that are not approved will not go out.

Once content is approved, posts will be going out the following month.

Hashtags will only go out on Instagram or Linked-in. They are to help boost and spread awareness to your post. This increases overall interactions and engagement.

Only when they are necessary. Using more than 1-2 hashtags on a Facebook post is fine, but adding more might hurt your overall post-performance.

We can post on the following platforms:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Linked-In 
  • Google My Business

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