How Can Commercial Photography Improve Your Business’s “Image”

What does it mean to enrapture an audience? It is more than fancy words, creative website design, and phenomenal products. A business attempting to appeal to its audience must have a hook to create a sense of desire for customers to act upon. You need a visual representation of what potential customers want to own or achieve, allowing them to imagine what it would be like to get it. Through commercial photography, businesses can improve their image through six defining benefits. 

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6 Benefits of Commercial Photography for Your Business’s Image

Commercial Photography Captures Audience Attention 

The first and most apparent benefit of commercial photography is that high-quality images capture an audience’s attention and secure a solid first impression. For example, a recent visual content in marketing statistics analysis reported that “Tweets with visual content like images deliver 18% more click-throughs compared to purely text-based content.”

By targeting an audience with high-quality images, potential customers will begin to trust a business as a credible, legitimate source, making them more likely to click through to the business’s website. 

On the flip side of the coin, we all know what it is like to visit a website or media platform that uses shoddy images or the same pictures as someone else. Poor-quality or unoriginal photos are more likely to increase the bounce rate as customers find the business untrustworthy. Potential customers are likely to think, “if the business is unwilling to invest in something as easy as good photos, their product and services are also likely to be of poor quality.” 

For more information on Bounce Rates, read our past blog on “10 of the Best Advertising Metrics to Track for your Advertising Campaign.”

Commercial Photography Helps to Establish Brand Authority 

Another benefit of commercial photography is that it helps to establish a business’s brand authority or “image.” As a business, there must be an authentic visual representation of the business’s mission, values, and products. When potential customers see photos on a website or social media platform, they need to associate them with the company and its style, similar to how a logo works. Unfortunately, 43% of marketers state that their biggest challenge is consistency in producing visual content.

Commercial photography lets business owners determine exactly which photos they want and how the end product should appear. A quality photo will communicate the brand’s essence and what it stands for. Through this complete and customized control, a business can rest assured that the images consistently represent the distinction and personal identity of the company.  

High-Quality Photos Promote Competitive Content

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day! With 5.6 billion Google searches daily and people sharing 95 million photos and videos on Instagram alone, the need for competitive content is high. Low-quality, stock, or irrelevant images will not make any business stand out from the crowd. 

A business must have unique, high-quality, compelling photos to make it past the first hurdle of its potential customers’ interest or face gaining nothing at all. Commercial photography provides businesses with the content they need to compete against local, regional, national, and even worldwide competitors. 

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Commercial Photography Promotes Visual Storytelling

A single picture may be worth a thousand words, but a business should be a story; it is the tale of the business’s inspiration, mission, goals, and drive that will connect customers to it every step of the way. 

Visual storytelling takes potential customers on a journey. It draws them in, captures their attention, piques their curiosity, and holds on tight to their hearts. Each photo is a chapter of the story, with the conclusion drawing them to act. 

Poor photos will not tell a business’s story. Businesses need high-quality, professional images to create a successful customer journey that will engage the customers right off the bat and lead them down the marketing funnel to procure a sale. 

Professional Photography is Versatile in Use

Often when discussing commercial photography for a business’s image, it is in reference to the business’s website and its social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or LinkedIn. 

Fortunately, commercial photography is more versatile in function than people give it credit. Not only can it be used for the above, but it can also function in alternative engagement methods such as blog posts, guest articles, pamphlets, slide decks, and even PowerPoints. For example, articles with relevant images average 94% more total views than articles without images.  

When businesses have a bank of professional photography at their fingertips, the potential to create beautiful and enticing content to better your business’s image is endless. 

Hiring a Commercial Photographer Can Make Commercial Photography Hassle Free

Let’s be honest for a moment. As a growing business, we understand how frustrating and difficult it can be to constantly produce high-quality, engaging, on-brand images for one’s website and social media. This constant need is often more time-consuming than a business can afford, let alone the investment to procure camera equipment, photography props, editing programs, and so much more. 

By using commercial photography, all of that stress and hassle is removed. Instead, the business is provided with a cost-effective photography strategy that provides a steady flow of images that help to improve the business. A company will save its marketing team (or individual) hours of time and heartache by outsourcing this project to professionals who dedicate their lives to creating stunning photos. 

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Consider Commercial Product Photography with Spotted Fox

If you want to secure these six benefits of commercial photography for your business’s image, we encourage you to schedule a marketing consultation with us. We at Spotted Fox Digital Marketing are here to help with your professional product photography to increase sales for your commercial business. We partner with companies like yours to provide a wide range of in-house digital marketing services; our marketing experts help businesses to understand, reach, and engage with their audience through data-driven digital marketing. For more information about Spotted Fox Digital Marketing, please visit our website to review our services or complete our Online Contact Form