Your Business Needs Video Marketing

You now have a spectacular marketing video to promote your brand. You’ve clearly identified your target audience and you’ve effectively addressed your brand’s primary messaging points.  You’re confident that viewers will find it compelling as you set out to create a buzz on your innovative products or services. 

Now it’s time to identify the appropriate marketing channels to promote your videos and reach scores of online consumers who are waiting to become your future customers!

Your business is entering a crowded field of marketing videos pervading YouTube and other video platforms. The popularity of videos when it comes to selling products and services in the marketplace is undeniable. Nearly half of all Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.  About 86 percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool, representing a small increase from 85% in 2020, according to
Wyzowl Research.

Promoting Your Videos – Tools & Channels

The most effective way to begin disseminating your video to the people that matter most to your business is by reaching out to people who are already engaging with your brand. So, when corresponding with customers via email, we will include a thumbnail of your video. 

Our dedicated team at Spotted Fox Digital will utilize various tools that enable us to use email and video together. By incorporating video promotion into your email marketing, we are sure to connect with large numbers of people who already believe in your brand. When people receive your email messages or emailed newsletters, we will provide access for them to your video’s landing page, giving them a front-row seat to watch your marketing video!

Our Spotted Fox Digital team will monitor responses to the email signature links that send people to your video landing page so we can accurately gauge the success of viewership and conversions to purchases. This is an easy and practical way to connect with large numbers of brand evangelists and the rest of your customers to persuade them to become repeat buyers. 

Promoting your video content through these electronic conversations with customers and prospects will enable your business to use a low-pressure approach to increase sales while informing your customers on the latest developments to your products and services. This is an ideal way to excite the masses and move them to the action!

At Spotted Fox Digital Marketing, we will optimize your videos for SEO, making sure they are indexed and rank well on Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs, for relevant keyword searches. 

One way to inject more SEO into your videos is by providing transcripts alongside your video, making your video more accessible to larger audiences.  A huge benefit of video transcripts is that they make your videos more scrapable by search bots with additional text on the page. 

Another way that we at Spotted Fox Digital can optimize your video for search is with the title and meta description, as these two elements play an important role in ranking videos. Our expert team of video marketers will employ the use of targeted keywords that people are searching for to find businesses like yours. 

We will also make your marketing video the prime focus of the landing page, as this increases your video’s crawlability factor. 

Our video marketing crew at Spotted Fox Digital Marketing will make sure we showcase your videos at events that your company sponsors or hosts. Whether this is a large in-person conference or an intimate online event, you will have a captive and most likely large audience with a built-in interest in your products or services.  

As this event will probably reflect the interests and issues surrounding your industry, the event attendees will most likely be intrigued by the latest developments with your products or services. This is a perfect way for us to expose your video to a new audience and potentially create brand evangelists from this one event!

At Spotted Fox Digital, our team of video marketing experts knows that choosing the right social media channels to promote your videos is critical. Based on your company’s target audience demographics, we will share your videos on the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and wherever else your crowds are hanging out.  

We’ll enhance SEO by using the relevant hashtags to build a massive audience for your videos. Our team at Spotted Fox Digital Marketing will pay close attention to the audiences on the various social media channels, and be acutely aware of campaign settings as we run highly successful campaigns that drive people from social media to your company website. 

We will add share buttons directly within your videos so interested parties can share a link to the video – which leads them back to your website – without leaving the player. 

Additionally, we will target specific online forums replete with people who are going to be predisposed to be interested in your video content. Our Spotted Fox Digital team will promote your video on these online forums to generate massive interest and persuade people to learn more by visiting your website or your social media pages. 

When video marketing is coupled with other marketing efforts, it will greatly magnify the reach of your videos. That is why your digital marketing experts at Spotted Fox Digital will look for and capitalize on opportunities to combine the marketing of your videos with other relevant marketing initiatives. 

For example, this could include tying a video to a product special offer campaign being promoted on your social media channels. This is an example of enticing people to learn more about your products while leveraging your video to do so. You gain viewership and potentially cash in on more sales, strengthening your bottom line in the process!

We will leverage your video to heighten interest in your email campaigns. Why not take advantage of a captive email audience by strategically sharing select videos with your customers and prospects over email?  Your company will benefit from higher rates of engagement with your emails with the help of your video than it would from text alone. 

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