5 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Drone Pilot

If you are planning to use a drone to promote the brand of your business or organization in any way, it is smart to hire a licensed drone pilot. There is no doubt that drones can be a powerful tool when it comes to producing exceptional photography and videography that will get your brand noticed. But you also don’t want to violate any state or federal laws or have any mishaps occur, in the process.  You also want the job done right and professionally, and a licensed drone pilot will deliver quality results. 

5 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Drone Pilot

  1. Provide High-Quality Photography and Video

When it comes to the integrity of your business, what you care about most is professionalism and producing a quality product.  When you hire a licensed drone pilot, you ensure that you will have excellent quality footage by someone who adheres to the rules and regulations outlined by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). 

You have the peace of mind and assurance of knowing that a licensed drone pilot will handle your project with a high degree of care while producing the highest quality visuals that promote your brand most effectively. 

That is why you want the professionalism that only a licensed drone operator can deliver for your brand photography and videography.  

  1. Safety

Your obligation doesn’t stop at just putting a drone in the air. You want the drone operation carried out in a safe manner.  A licensed drone pilot puts in many hours studying and learning the FAA rules and regulations, which have been established to ensure utmost safety during drone flights. 

In their rules and regulations, the FAA makes accommodations for how weather, wind speed, and other environmental variables can impact flights. Only a licensed drone pilot will be well versed in the FAA rules for commercial flying. 

What’s more, a licensed drone pilot has as their main priority the absolute safety of the aerial operation. 

  1. FAA Compliance

Among the main reasons to hire a licensed drone pilot is to ensure that you operate within the regulations as set forth by the FAA.  A professional, licensed drone pilot is obligated to strictly follow these rules in order to keep air space safe for everyone. 

Your business or organization has the peace of mind of knowing that a licensed drone pilot will know exactly when, where, and how high to fly in accordance with various classes of air space. For example, two basic rules for flying a drone for non-recreational and commercial purposes are not flying above 400 feet and not flying in controlled airspace. Your licensed drone pilot will be well-aware of these important facts. 

  1. Liability Insurance

If you are a business and you want to capture photography or videography from the air, it is prudent to require drone insurance. This form of liability insurance gives you the assurance that your drone pilot is professional and legitimate.  

Although federal law doesn’t mandate commercial drone operators to carry liability insurance, the possibility of things going wrong makes having it a smart decision for your business. Avoid hiring a drone pilot that is without insurance or is an amateur as you will be putting yourself at great risk. 

Also, be aware that homeowner’s insurance does not cover drone use for recreational operators. 

  1. Professionalism 

With the integrity of your brand at stake, you want your aerial photography and videography to be highly professional. After all, you need your brand to be represented accurately and in the most favorable way possible. This means you should obtain the services of a professional – which means a licensed – drone pilot. 

A licensed drone pilot will do the job right because he will be extremely experienced and a talented professional photographer and videographer. You want it to be the priority of your drone pilot to deliver high-quality aerial footage. It is your brand’s reputation that is on the line when it comes to producing the results that your business demands. 

Choose a Licensed Drone Pilot for Your Commercial Marketing Needs

No matter what commercial purposes call for a drone operation, it is essential that you hire a licensed drone pilot when you want the highest quality footage done the correct way. 

A licensed drone pilot will be sure that all FAA rules and regulations are being adhered to and that the shooting of footage happens without any mishaps. Conversely, if you hire an unlicensed pilot, you are opening yourself up to a potential accident.  You might also be penalized and forced to pay fines for hiring a drone pilot who has no license. 

So, to ensure you have the highest quality footage and in the safest manner possible, always choose a licensed drone pilot. 

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