How to Prepare for Your Headshots

Never underestimate the importance of a professional headshot, and photography in general, when it comes to the success of your brand. In fact, photography is an essential art form in telling the story of your brand. Consider the following statistics as they pertain to the potential of photography to capture the attention of online users:

  • Articles with relevant images average as much as 94 percent more total views than articles without images. 
  • Well, more than half of consumers who use online search say they prefer to contact a business whose listing includes an image. 

There is a lot riding on getting just the right headshot when you think about the various ways it will be used to represent your business. For example, your headshot could be included on your website, social media channels, media packets, and on your collaterals. As we are in a digital era, it is advantageous to have a flattering headshot of your CEO or company leader ready to deliver to different types of entities that could influence the success of your business. 

Professional headshots are also important to promote events where you might be attending or be honored. Keep in mind that as the CEO of your company, your headshot could be the initial and perhaps only impression that reflects your personal brand. You want to make the best impression possible. 

In this blog article, we will share best practices when it comes to how to prepare for taking a flattering headshot that will serve your business well. 

Ways to Prepare for Your Headshot 

Talk with Your Photographer Prior to the Photo Shoot 

You know best what perception you want to convey with your headshot.  We recommend that you share your ideas with your photographer regarding your expectations when it comes to the effect you are going for. 

In the meantime, consider what feeling you want to capture in your image. Then discuss this with your photographer. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to ask the photographer any questions you might have. He or she will be glad to explain the technical aspects and the marketing potential of your headshot.  

Remember that this is your photoshoot, and you want to make sure that your photographer supports you throughout the process. Communication will help to ensure you are both on the same page and work in unison to capture the essence of who you are and the qualities that your business represents. 

Get Plenty of Rest and Hydrate

You don’t want to arrive at your photoshoot exhausted and looking haggard. The lens will pick up on signs of lack of sleep, so you want to be as well-rested as possible when you come into the studio. It is important to be alert and be an active participant as you offer helpful input to ensure that the photo session comes off well. 

By drinking ample amounts of water during the week leading up to your photoshoot, will help bring about the appearance of skin that is plump, smooth, and clear.  Keep in mind that the photographer’s lens will pick up on skin imperfections, so by drinking enough water you will ensure your skin is healthy and has a nice complexion for the photoshoot. 

Be at Ease and Relax

When you are tense and ill at ease, the lens will pick up on this via body language and expression. This will detract from the image you want to present with your headshot. 

As you relax and settle into the chair, see if you can improve your posture during the shoot as you listen to the photographer’s suggestions. When you appear relaxed, you come off as confident and self-assured and that will enhance the effectiveness of the image you want to convey.

Wear the Right Clothing

Getting your clothing right is critical when it comes to perfecting your image as the top officer at your company. Because a headshot photo pictures the shoulders or mid-chest, then up to the top of your head, the most important element of clothing is the shirt or blouse. 

You want to avoid turtlenecks and shirts with pronounced patterns and bright colors. Also, don’t wear a white shirt or blouse if you don’t plan on wearing a jacket or sweater over it. White shirts typically cause a loss of detail and depth in a person and can have the effect of washing out your skin tone. 

You should also not wear clothing that has grid-like squares or tiny herringbone patterns.  Female CEOs might want to avoid wearing short sleeves or sleeveless blouses because they will draw attention to bare arms. 

How to Approach Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, the important thing to remember is to be sure it does not distract from what you want to communicate with your headshot. Avoid earrings that dangle longer than an inch and that are reflective. 

Have a Supply Kit Available

A small supply kit is ideal for having at your photoshoot as you can include hygiene and grooming items with you to ensure you will be exceedingly pleased with your headshot. In this supply kit, you could carry make-up, lip balm, a hairbrush, etc. 

What would be helpful for the photographer is if you also bring any previous headshots as you communicate what your goals are with this upcoming photoshoot. 

Keep Your Hair and Make-up Simple

The objective with your hair and makeup is to shoot for timeless and classic. You should style your hair and apply a modest amount of makeup before leaving for the photography studio. Your makeup should be clean and natural. 

It is a good idea to avoid shine for your headshot by putting a layer of translucent powder on your face and neck. By doing this, you also gain the benefit of lessening the appearance of large pores while also evening out your skin tone. Also, in order to avoid a shiny appearance on camera, don’t use products with shimmer and sparkles. 

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