What is Backlinking and Why is it Important?

The ultimate objective for your website is for online users – your potential new customers – to find you quickly and easily. In fact, you want people to find your business website before they find your competitors! Creating a pool of reliable new customers is the lifeblood of your business and it strengthens your bottom line. As it so happens, the strategic use of backlinks is a powerful way to capture the attention of lots of relevant online users. 

Backlinks, commonly known as inbound links and incoming links, are links from one website to a page on another website. In essence, backlinks are links that point to your website from another site that, ideally, has prestige or esteem in your business’s industry. For example, these backlink sources can include thought leaders, influencers, and top performers in your niche. 

Backlinks are how Google spiders find new pages. Google spiders utilize backlinks to find, crawl, and index pages on your website. 

When you are fortunate enough to have many backlinks pointing to your site, your website has a much better chance of being found quickly by people who could be your future customers. 

As we will address later in this blog article, backlinks play a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns. 

Why Backlinks Are Important 

Backlinks impact your SEO, as well as your ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Search engines utilize algorithms to collect information and rank pages on your website. The search engines use bots and spiders to crawl your website and backlinks. 

Pages on your site that have a considerable amount of backlinks usually have high organic search engine rankings.  Why?  Search engines aggregate the volume and relevance of all the pages linking to your website.  This significantly affects your page rank. 

That translates into an equation of more backlinks equaling higher rankings on search engines, giving you a better chance of outranking your competitors. 

When your website appears high in search rankings, people look to your business first for the information they want.

Backlinks Can Boost Your Legitimacy

Ideally, you want to receive backlinks to key pages on your website from sources that elevate your credibility in your industry. So, when you do have backlinks from people or companies that are known to have authority and prestige, that has the potential to boost your ranking on search engines. 

How that happens is that Google weighs these coveted backlinks from influential sources heavily.  This concept is known as “domain authority.”  What it comes down to is that the more authority a site has, the more authority it can bestow on your site.  

This translates into your website potentially being at the top of Google!

Also, when you achieve a higher status on search engines, this serves to boost the credibility of your business. As more people are connecting with your site and purchasing your products or services, they become evangelists for your brand. This builds legitimacy for your business. 

Backlinks Elevate Your Reputation

Think of backlinks as Google’s reputation management tool. The primary goal of Google is to direct online searchers to the best result available for their queries. So, when your site contains a good number of backlinks, it carries more weight for Google. In essence, your site is considered popular when compared to other sites that have far fewer or no backlinks. 

A popular website translates into a site that has a good reputation and can be trusted. 

Sites that are rich in backlinks are more trusted when it comes to search engines like Google.  Your reputation benefits greatly from the increased trustworthiness and popularity among online users. 

Backlinks Increase Brand Awareness 

When your website receives backlinks, particularly from influential and authoritative sources, more people will visit your website, potentially in high numbers. That means scores of potential new customers will be exposed to your brand

Quality backlinks translate into people from reliable websites endorsing your website in general, and your brand, in particular, to their readers. This generates more highly relevant traffic to your site. 

After these online users arrive at your site, you can use a “Related Content” widget at the end of your blog to connect them to other content that might interest them. The end result is these valued visitors will consume a greater amount of content on your site as they spend more time on your website. That’s great for your SEO because Google considers this when ranking your website.

These higher search rankings generate considerably more traffic to your site.  This results in heightening your brand awareness!

Backlinks Build Relationships Between Websites

When you have backlinks from other websites, you establish relationships with these influencers, thought leaders, and top performers in your industry. These relationships serve as an added means of boosting your reputation.  

Thanks to backlinks, you are aligned with leaders in your niche, and, as mentioned previously, this elevates your standing with Google.  That, in turn, gives you a strong organic presence, which means online users find you before your competition!

Spotted Fox Digital Deploys a Multi-Faceted SEO Strategy

By creating a custom SEO strategy, Spotted Fox Digital Marketing will help maximize the opportunity for your business to capture more organic traffic from search engines to your website. 

Our expert SEO marketers at Spotted Fox Digital will begin by conducting an audit of your website. This enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your strengths and identify areas for improvement when it comes to how well your business is positioned online. We leverage a wide array of SEO tools to identify and prioritize specific aspects of your website so we can effectively optimize your content for search engines. 

Our team at Spotted Fox Digital will also analyze the online presence of your competitors. By doing this, we will be able to crystalize your own business’s unique selling proposition or USP. This enables our SEO team to promote your company’s primary brand selling points while also being aware of the competitor landscape in your industry.

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