How is Your Business Standing Out on Social Media

Is Your Business Getting Overlooked?

Social Media Management should be considered an important strategy for all business owners. Businesses can no longer afford to overlook the power of social media and its impact on local businesses.

First impressions are no longer based on firm handshakes and table manners alone. How is your business handling this new world of digital relationships? Here are four tips you can implement into your social media marketing strategy today:

4 Tips to Social Media Management  

1. Theme Your Social Media Accounts Consistently 
2. Keep Your Social Media Visual 
3. Implement Video Content into your Social Channels
4. Let Social Media Be Social

1. Theme Your Social Media Accounts Consistently  

The top five most valuable brands in 2020 were Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and  Samsung. Reading over that list, it’s easy to recall and feel familiar with those brands because they’re easy to recognize visually. They have kept a consistent visual theme, not only in their corporate branding but also across their social platforms.

The key for small businesses is consistency. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform…. make sure that you maintain a standard of color pallets, fonts, and visual elements.

You should treat it as though your social media life depends on it because it kinda does. Adhering to a specific set of visual guidelines for your brand is key in gaining the trust and recognition of your ideal consumer.

As consumers continually scroll and tap along through their feeds, you need to be a presence that not only stands out but is also recognized.

Your social media channels give the consumer an aesthetic sense of comfort, reliability, and accreditation with your brand.

This is part of building your “digital relationship” with people.  Having a consistent marketing experience will reflect the service experience they will get when signing up for your product/service. For this reason, a strong social media presence is important to ensure that your brand has both intentionality and consistency.  

2. Keep Your Social Media Visual  

If your content isn’t appealing, nothing else matters. Your visual is what stops a user from scrolling to read and engage with your content. Engage with fun graphics that illustrate the point you are trying to get across, instead of just stating the point in the text. consistently refresh your photography to let people know you’re actively investing in yourself, and keeping up with the times. If your pictures aren’t fun or engaging in some way, people will overlook you.

Remember to Keep Your Visuals

  • Fun
  • Action-oriented
  • Make them personal

Consumers want to be seen and as treated as people and not prospects. You must remember that social media’s whole appeal is to connect and entertain people. You are catching people in their native social interaction, so a hard sell approach almost never works. A personal, lighthearted touch is quintessential here. 

3. Implement Video Content into your Social Channels

Have you explored the benefits of video on your social media platforms? If not, that is definitely something worth implementing in your social media strategy. Nearly every major platform now has a video content format or features to help engage your audience. Followers are engaging with videos at an all-time high. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of that. You might be surprised at how much-increased engagement you get from video posts specifically. 

4. Let Social Media Be Social  

Social media content is at its best when it is attractive, consistent, and just as importantly-relational. There is a time and a place for a fastpitch and a hard sell, but statistics and user feedback say that social media isn’t one of them. In regards to the content of your business profiles, it’s best to keep it as relational as possible. 


  • Push for a call to action
  • Pressure your followers into feeling like prospects
  • Ignore or dismiss interaction
  • Only post publically


  • Feature testimonials
  • Highlight Business goals and victories
  • Share thankfulness and gratitude
  • Celebrate exciting jobs/valued customers
  • Respond quickly to comments and private messages
  • Ask for feedback 

Social Media Management is Important 

Using social media platforms will help you extend your customer network, increase your business’s impression reach, and give you countless opportunities to become a recognizable and trustworthy part of people’s online experience.

Do you think Social Media Management is right for your business? Would you like to gain a better understanding of what this service can do for your company?

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