The Importance of Google Analytics

If you are curious about who is coming to your site, how long they are staying, which pages they are visiting, and what devices they are using to visit your site, and much more valuable information, then Google Analytics is your dream tool! 

In essence, Google Analytics allows you to track, measure, and understand the behavior of visitors and customers on your site, as well as assess the user experience. Ultimately, Google Analytics enables you to determine how well your site is ranking on Google, and how many people are gravitating to your site. 

You have completed the long and involved process of developing a website for your business. It required a lot of hours of assembling all the right elements – from eye-catching images, an attractive design, rich, compelling content, infographics, and SEO keywords – all with the purpose of reaching and engaging as many people as possible online who are in your target audience. 

Your new website has also undergone rigorous testing to ensure the site is user-friendly and intuitive for users.  The goal is to make it as easy and simple as possible for online users to navigate your site and inspire them to buy your products and services. In order to build and maintain a healthy bottom line, your site must perform optimally – which means engaging visitors, heightening their interest in your products, and converting them into new customers. 

Now, it’s time to deploy Google Analytics to help you measure how well your website is performing. Google Analytics is a free tool that will provide your business with a wealth of rich data that tells you exactly how well your website is performing when it comes to drawing Internet traffic to your site, engaging users, and motivating them to purchase your wares. 

Google Analytics dashboard

In this article, you will learn why Google Analytics is important to the bottom line of your business.  You will also discover the ways Google Analytics can shape your business growth strategy. 

Why Google Analytics is an Important Tool for Your Website

Customer Engagement

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that lets you see how online users are interacting with your site. For example, Google analytics measures specific metrics and monitors various aspects of the user experience. It tells you the following aspects of users’ behavior on your website:  

Pages/Sessions – Google analytics reports the average number of pages each user has viewed. For example, you will find out if visitors are viewing your products pages or FAQ page, etc. This insightful information enables you to modify your SEO marketing content so you can attract more visitors to the pages on your site that are most influential in persuading visitors to buy your products.  

Average Session Duration – This data indicates the time spent on your site by each visitor.  Similarly, this information allows you to identify weak spots on your site when it comes to engaging visitors. 

Bounce Rate – The bounce rate tells you what percentage of online visitors leave your site without interaction after viewing just one page. 

Google Analytics graph on website traffic

Assessing Channels That Direct Traffic to Your Website

Google analytics show you data from all channels that are directing traffic to your website. These channels include the following –

Google Analytics gives you the advantage of being able to oversee platforms so you can determine the effectiveness of your advertising. You can compare the various channels and make advertising more cost-effective by ceasing ads that aren’t performing well. The Google Analytics data enhances your ROI when it comes to how advertising dollars are spent. 

Overview of Devices

As mobile rankings are now of paramount importance, it is more crucial than your website be mobile-friendly for being included in relevant search results. With Google Analytics, you can learn which devices visitors are using to access your website. This tells you how well your mobile site is working in comparison to the desktop version. 

Google analytics offers the convenience of having all your data in one place, which is an ideal setup for comparing the various platforms and channels. For example, if you are investing in SEO and PPC ads, you can now accurately evaluate your overall ROI. 

Keep in mind that the main goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers. So, leverage Google Analytics data to determine if your conversion rate is similar on various platforms or if there are deficiencies on certain devices. 

Tracking Conversions

While knowing how many people are visiting your website is helpful, the more vital metric is conversions, or what proportion of visitors are buying what you are selling. Google analytics empowers your business to establish goals for conversion and to promptly make changes to your site based on data generated from Google analytics. 

Remember, in order to ensure your website is compelling and relevant, you need to know that your website traffic is translating into new customers in high enough numbers to stimulate consistent growth for your business. 

Customized Reports

With Google Analytics, you have the ability to choose from numerous Google report templates or you have the option of building your own customized report. 

Because your business is unique, standard reporting will not tell you everything you want to know about your audience.  With custom reports, you choose the metrics – audience, conversion, acquisition, etc. – and dimensions, such as defining what you want the report to focus on, so you can make the best decisions that lead to growth for your company. 

Verify Your Business is Reaching Its Goals

The extensive data that Google Analytics generates allows you to track how well your business is achieving its established goals centered around more revenue and growth. You can assign numerous goals that will assist in tracking the customer’s journey based on the actions they take on your website. 

You might monitor specific behaviors that lead to purchase such as requesting a quote or downloading a PDF that contains descriptions and features of your products. A customer navigating your site could also request via email more information on your services. All of this and more can be measured using Google analytics. 

Google Analytics is an Ideal Tool to Stimulate Business Growth

Google analytics empowers your business with rich, usable data that enables you to precisely track and monitor which marketing and advertising strategies are working and which ones are not. After you identify the issues your website has that are getting in the way of visitors converting into customers, you can create solutions that could translate into more revenue for your business. 

If you are a business owner who wants to increase revenue and build market share, then you should consider utilizing Google analytics. 

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