Do I Need a Website if I have a Facebook Business Page?

When it comes to promoting your business, Facebook can be a highly effective method for getting the word out for your products or services. This particular social media channel offers insightful statistics, reliable ROI for digital ads, and a direct connection to customers. It’s also free to create a Business Facebook Page. 

However, it is a serious mistake to confuse that effectiveness with a reasons to forgo a website. A Facebook Page is not a substitute for a website, and there are many reasons why business owners should consider investing in a website.

Factors that Make a Website Necessary Even with a Facebook Page

Facebook is More Difficult for Search and Turns Off Non-users

Facebook offers little or no value when it comes to search, including SEO. Despite your Facebook Page displaying in the results of search engines, it is very unlikely that it will rank high or even on the first page on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

You also leave out scores of people who, even if they do identify your business on Facebook, might not have a Facebook account. As a result, these consumers only have access to limited information on your page unless they register with Facebook. 

You also face an uphill battle to getting your business recognized on social media because Facebook’s internal search feature is not maximized for anything, including for good result placement on SERPs. 

What’s more, Facebook uses its own algorithm for search that might not provide you with the priority you want. 

Customization is Limited on Facebook

Customization is limited to Facebook layouts. The problem is that your business has no control over the design on Facebook. Conversely, for your website, you can do UX Research and Usability testing and maximize your website every now and then.  Facebook does not offer a comparable option. 

Advertising is Limited on Facebook

Advertising is very restricted and it is dependent on the Ad network of Facebook. In order to obtain the number of fans on your Facebook Page, it costs money. People are much more likely to believe reviews available on your business website or on third-party websites such as The Smart Local, Hardware Zone in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Facebook Doesn’t Carry the Legitimacy that Websites Do

Consider this:  anyone can create a Facebook Page. This goes for people who also do not operate a real business. The standards are much higher for websites, the costs are greater, and the skills are more advanced for creating a website. The skills, techniques, and effort required to put together a quality website will garner more respect and legitimacy from visitors than a Facebook Page any day. 

Facebook Has Major Design Limitations

Facebook Pages all use the same template, which prevents your business from standing out and being distinct from your competitors. You have to adhere to the same field and navigation formats as other businesses do.  While you can populate your Facebook Page with unique content, visitors will not want to spend the time clicking on an uninteresting page searching for basic information that ought to be front and center.

Facebook is Designed for Conversation

Social media channels like Facebook are intended for facilitating conversations.  It is a forum for your business and your customers, fans and customer prospects, as well as your critics. This is where it gets messy. 

You might set out to provide high-quality customer service to everyone on Facebook, including to people who are dissatisfied with your business.  However, on Facebook, you are vulnerable to people airing their complaints publicly, and then you have to try to mitigate or handle these grievances appropriately. In the meantime, other people’s negative comments are public. 

Although it is your intention on Facebook to accept and leverage input from people on social media – and provide transparency – your business is susceptible to having its image tarnished with the publicly exposed negative comments, experiences, and reactions for all to read. That could leave visitors to your Facebook Page with poor impressions of your business before you even have a chance to promote your products or services. 

Facebook is a Poor Fit for B2B Businesses

Put simply, Facebook is not an ideal platform for making business contacts. People spend time on Facebook and other social media channels, as individuals, not necessarily representing businesses or looking for business opportunities. 

There is also a real lack of B2B and networking opportunities.  Facebook’s less then stellar interface and absence of Customer Relationship Management-like tools and external integration makes curating and managing prospects exceedingly challenging. 

Facebook Pages are Not As Effective as Websites Are

When it comes to clearly and easily promoting your business and effectively managing your brand image, a website is a crucial part of your online marketing strategy and cannot be replaced with a Facebook presence. 

Social media has too many deficiencies when it comes to cleanly and effectively engaging with customers and customer prospects, and it is far too limiting as it pertains to promoting your business as distinct and unique from competitors. There is nothing like a well-designed website to present your brand in a positive, professional manner while having control over your brand messaging, and preserving your reputation. 

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