Is It Still Worth it to Run Google Ads in 2023

Google Ads has been a powerful, popular advertising tool in many marketing arsenals since its initial release in 2000. The online advertising platform enables companies to display advertisements directly to internet users, such as short ads, service offerings, videos, or product listings. This versatile tool can show results on search engine results pages like Google Search or non-search web pages, mobile applications, and videos. 

Running Google AdWords means your campaign is visible on many sources across the internet. Google is the top website in the world, with almost triple the amount of monthly visitors than any other webpage. The search engine is the gateway to the internet – people everywhere get on Google to figure out what to do, how to do it, what to buy, and how to answer any question they might have. Google capitalizes on this mighty influence by placing your ads in targeted locations and times to turn searchers into valuable customers.  

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Is Google Ads Still Relevant? 

Google Ads is one of the most popular pay-per-click advertising platforms worldwide. It is a powerful, efficient way to connect with prospective customers that gives you monetary control of advertising. Although other marketing tools have developed since its inception, such as social media ads and influencing or SEO optimization, Google advertising remains a dominant tool in the toolbox of marketing strategies. This platform is exceptionally skilled at boosting relevant views of new websites and helping your business be found online by consumers who had no idea it ever existed.

What Can Google Ads Do For Your Business? 

Current marketing has long departed from the single newspaper ad campaign or television commercial. Nowadays, marketers need an array of options in their arsenal. Here are a few benefits of ads on Google. 

Unbeatable Search Volume and Potential

Google dominates the internet. It has more links, web traffic, and data than the human mind can ever comprehend. This website offers unparalleled access to the most diverse range of consumers – nearly the whole worldwide population. It mints millions of fresh keywords each day and has unlimited variety. Whether you are looking to access new markets or deepen connections with your demographic, Google can undoubtedly make it happen.

Fast & Easy Results

After your Google setup is complete, results start to roll in quickly. Your ads are up instantaneously, and sales start generating immediately. This differs from other traditional marketing methods or digital methods like SEO.

Controlled Costs to Stay Within Budget

Google advertising works on a cost-per-click basis – you only pay for your ad when someone clicks on it. You can alter your settings to the most you wish to pay per click and designate an average daily budget for each month. With no minimum spend, this is an easy way to ensure your marketing plan matches your finances!

Targeted Ads to Secure Your Ideal Customers

Google AdWords excel at targeting your ideal customer demographic. Due to Google’s immense databases and knowledge of each user, they find those who would best benefit your product based on your ad settings and direct your ads toward them. This results in higher click and conversion rates. 

Niche or Local Markets

Google uses the searcher’s location to provide pertinent ads for businesses in their area and uses keyword settings to provide relevant search results to users. This is great for small businesses not wishing to compete with nationalized companies or localized businesses targeting in-person customer traffic. It is also critical for niche businesses, as it allows them to use precise keywords to reach consumers already searching for their products.

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Success Measurements to Analyze Progress

Your Google advertising is tied directly to another platform, Google Analytics. This tool can help you optimize your website and track user behavior, campaign conversions, and overall performance. It will help you understand your cost-per-click and ad positioning and lets you test different ads. The ability to track your return on investment is an unparalleled advantage that Google advertisements have on other online marketing platforms. 

Drawbacks to Using Google Advertising

As with any marketing tool, Google advertising has several significant limitations. Advertising in a competitive industry can cause the cost-per-click to skyrocket. Unfortunately, setting up a successful ad campaign on Google takes time and has a steep learning curve – you need to have specifically targeted keywords, negative keywords, software to track results, and are constantly optimizing your ads. Without fully optimizing and constructing your ad settings effectively, there is a possibility that you will pay for poor-quality clicks. Other potential negatives include the limited ad shelf life, short word count of descriptions and texts, and the need for constant monitoring.

An Alternative: Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is online marketing focusing specifically on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. You run specifically targeted ads on these websites or apps for their users. Social media meets users on an intimate, connection-based platform, leading to more nuanced targeting and potentially powerful insight tracking. While Google AdWords has a higher click-through rate, social media ads tend to have a higher conversion rate. Conversion rates are critical and show the rate at which users turn into customers – they purchase the product, request a quote, or sign up for the email list. Social media advertising is an effective alternative to Google Ads, or the two can be used simultaneously as parts of a larger digital marketing strategy. 

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How Spotted Fox Digital Marketing Can Help with Google Ads

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