Is It Worth Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in 2023?

As a small business owner, you may feel like you are trying to do everything. Unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere all of the time, and you can’t have expert-level knowledge in each aspect of your products, services, and business functions themselves. Too many small business owners attempt to take on every challenge themselves to save money or resources. However, some things are best left to the professionals and are often less expensive when outsourced. Hiring a digital marketing agency can not only save you time and money, but it can take a weight off your shoulders. 

Structuring and implementing a successful digital marketing campaign involves complex planning, insight, and up-to-date information. It requires in-depth skills and knowledge of the most current, effective techniques to drive traffic to your social media pages and website. Hiring a full-service digital marketing agency is the optimal way to help your business grow and expand your online footprint in 2023. 

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What Can a Digital Marketing Firm Do? 

A professional marketing agency has expertise in all digital fields. They will help you create an omnichannel digital marketing strategy for your company based on your target demographics, current customer base, and the ideal ways to reach existing and potential markets. A full-scale plan can include social media advertising, copywriting, web design, web page optimization (SEO), paid advertising, pay-per-click advertising, and conversion rate optimization. Each of these avenues can help you gain a higher website ranking on major search engines, promote brand awareness, and eventually lead to more leads and sales. Professional agencies have experience with each of these techniques – a task often too complex for the bandwidth of a small business. 

Top Reasons to Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Only a qualified, experienced agency can drive traffic that leads to conversions on your website. Here are the top reasons to hire an online advertising agency for your small business!

1. Agencies Can Save You Time

Small businesses can feel like a black hole – it takes up so much of your time! Every task ultimately falls on you or your small team. Hiring an online marketing agency can take some of this load off your back and allow you and your staff to focus on other tasks within your wheelhouse. You don’t have to learn how to use complicated marketing software or stay on top of trends – an outsourced agency will do that for you! You can now focus on quality customer service and production than gaining new audiences and customers. 

2. Skilled and Specialized Marketers

An online marketing agency has a staff of experienced, skilled marketers. They invest in education and stay updated on new topics in the digital world. A quality agency will have implemented many marketing strategies before you begin working with them – there is no guesswork behind their techniques, just proven success. Alternatively, if you launch your own marketing campaign, you will have to go through a lot of trial and error. This delays potential success and can actually hurt your search engine rankings or social media presence. Leaving it up to the pros is the way forward!

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3. Marketing Agencies are More Affordable 

A common misconception about out-of-house marketing teams is that they are expensive. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Many independent online marketing agencies offer flexible pricing based on the services you seek. You can pursue only a few marketing channels or many based on your budget. With an agency, you can increase or decrease the frequency of your campaigns throughout the month or year based on your budget. 

Additionally, marketing firms offer increased price flexibility as you can often pause your marketing efforts during a slow season or change your approach easily. This means you can save significantly compared to developing a marketing team in-house. 

4. Access to Advanced Software and Tools

A full-service digital marketing company can access advanced advertising software and marketing tools. They likely have social media automation tools, email automation and optimization, data and analytics tracking and prediction programs, and scheduling software. By hiring a marketing firm, you get access to all of these tools for your marketing campaigns. You also have dedicated professionals who have expert-level knowledge of their use! You can save money and time by hiring an agency rather than investing in the purchase, learning, and management of these complex tools. 

5. Knowledgeable about Marketing Trends

The internet is growing exponentially with each passing year. Subsequently, there are constantly new trends developing in online marketing. Hiring a digital marketing agency can help you take advantage of these trends to grow your business. These industry professionals will keep your SEO, social media, and web pages relevant and updated based on the latest trends. 

6. Develop a Seamless Marketing Strategy

Your small business may be excellent at one aspect of marketing. However, to create an impactful online footprint, you must have a holistic digital marketing strategy. As the internet continues to grow, its complexity increases and omnichannel marketing strategies are becoming essential – even for small businesses. Marketing firms are experts in creating holistic campaigns that identify and target your optimal consumer. 

7. Consistency is Key in Digital Marketing

One of the most critical aspects of successful digital marketing is consistency. However, as a small business, it is challenging to dedicate the time and resources to making that happen. Hiring a marketing firm to update and manage your advertising efforts can be a game-changer. They are a dedicated resource that ensures your campaigns post consistently and effectively, which helps your SEO rankings and brand visibility. 

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How Spotted Fox Digital Marketing Can Help

Are you searching for online marketing solutions for your small business? Let the expert digital marketing specialists at Spotted Fox Digital Marketing help you succeed! We will establish an in-depth knowledge of your business and marketing needs and work with you to create the best digital marketing strategy for your budget and goals. Visit our website for more information or to schedule a consultation and start your journey toward a successful small business marketing plan!