Design your Website to Increase Conversions

From an aesthetic standpoint, you want your website to look beautiful, with all the visual elements in the right places. You arrange content in a way that is appealing and user-friendly in order to generate massive interest in your products and services. Your website should also include a compelling and engaging narrative that tells the story of your brand in a way that connects with visitors. 

It is important to remember, however, that the overarching objective of your website is to generate leads so you continue to attract new customers to your business. Generating more leads, or to increase conversions for your company is critical to ensure you always have a pool of reliable and prequalified new customers. Without this website function, your business is put at risk with a potentially reduced profit margin. 

That is why it is vital to understand the value of a lead generation website, as well as learning how to use your site to establish a sales process. Increasing Conversions means turning visitors into customers, which is the biggest purpose of your website!

Website Designs to Increase Conversions on your Website

Conversion is critical to the lifeblood of your business. It is also one of the important metrics to determine the growth of your business. Whether you run an e-commerce business or a hardware store, lead conversions play a large role in the success of your company. 

Here are some techniques you can employ to increase conversions on your website. 

Create a Sense of Urgency in your CTAs

You want to convey to your website visitor a sense of urgency with your call-to-actions (CTAs). They should motivate the user to take that ultimate step in making a purchase of your products or services. 

One example is Groupon, which uses a countdown timer. 

Have Contact Forms on Nearly Every Website Page

You are doing your users a favor when you provide easy access to your lead-generating forms. The goal is to pique the interest of visitors so they will spend more time on your website. 

You want to be careful to not ask visitors to share too much information on these contact forms. People are likely to show more interest in what you are selling if they are not required to divulge too much personal information, at least at first. 

Utilize Videos to Communicate with Visitors

Videos are a powerful tool to bridge the gap between online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Regardless of your industry, having a video on your site goes a long way toward generating maximum interest in your products and services. 

For example, a video that contains a product demo is very likely to have a positive influence on the visitor, inspiring him to learn more about your business and possibly make a purchase.

Include Trust Badges on Your Site

Don’t hesitate to display company awards or recognitions on your site. Also, showcase customer reviews. All of these elements play a huge role in establishing trust with users toward your brand. Consumers buy products from companies they trust. What’s more, when people trust your company, they are more likely to view your brand as an authority and leader within your industry. 

Personalize Your Brand

When you personalize or humanize your company, you make it easier for users to connect or relate to your brand. You form a relationship with visitors on your site, prompting them to want to get to know about what you are selling. 

An “About Us” page on your website is the perfect space to personalize your company by communicating your brand story. As visitors read about the origins and value proposition of your business, they typically become more interested in your product selling points. 

Design Elements that Help to Optimize to Increase Conversions

Contrast as a Design Element 

We are innately prone to notice the contrast, which is why it is an influential design feature. When we view contrast – something different from what it should be – something stands out from the norm. 

When it comes to increasing conversion, contrast can be leveraged to promote your value proposition, a superlative customer review, or your call-to-action button. You want to contrast the color and layout. 

Examples include:

  • Add red or orange accent colors to a dark blue page
  • Use large, white text on a dark background
  • Use a colorful background for your landing page’s form

Continuation as a Design Element

Continuation essentially means momentum. For example, once your eye begins moving in a specific direction it will continue to do so until it sees something different. Then, your eyes will focus on that new thing. 

Continuation is used to direct the eyes of website visitors towards a point of focus.  This heightens the chance of them truly “seeing” that focus point and then they begin to engage with it. 

You can leverage continuation to increase conversions on your site. For example, you could add a linear design to your website that aims towards your call-to-action, brand selling points, or customer testimonials. 

Avoid using obvious signs like arrows. People tend to avoid responding to blatant forms of continuation. 

Use Popups to Cut Down on Bounce Rates and Narrow Your Sales Funnel

Popups are usually effective at drawing the attention of visitors to your site. Studies show that they promote engagement with your brand. Popups cater to our human nature when it comes to a predisposition to be lazy. When a popup appears, it forces the user to take action, whether it is saying “no” or “yes” to a pitch, rather than passively scanning information. 

Popups crystalize what your brand is about and prompt the visitor to consider the merits of your products or services. It is all about instigating action when it comes to the goal of converting visitors into customers!

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