Is It Still Worth it to Run Google Ads in 2023

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Google Ads has been a powerful, popular advertising tool in many marketing arsenals since its initial release in 2000. The online advertising platform enables companies to display advertisements directly to internet users, such as short ads, service offerings, videos, or product listings. This versatile tool can show results on search engine results pages like Google […]

11 Best New Customer Onboarding Practices

best customer onboarding practices

As a growing business, your customers are the center of your everything. You can have the most incredible product or service in the world, but if you can’t get and keep clients, you will find yourself going nowhere. Fortunately, with these new customer onboarding practices, you can increase sales and retention. Why Does Customer Onboarding […]

How Effective is Search Engine Optimization in Increasing Sales?

The internet has grown and changed so much since its inception. It now dominates our culture, consumption, and daily interactions with people and businesses. If your business doesn’t have a significant digital footprint in the internet age, you might as well be dead in the water. You want to be the first option that potential […]

How to Know If My Website is Optimized for Search Engines?

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Years ago, simply having a website gave you a competitive advantage. However, as technology and the internet continue to grow exponentially, having a web presence isn’t enough. These days, your page must be optimized for search engines and conversions if you want to be prosperous. Successful SEO can attract more traffic to your website, increasing […]

Why Do Small Businesses Need SEO?

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In the ever-changing internet age, it can be challenging for any business to keep up with technology. This hardship especially falls on small businesses, which are more often limited by time, money, and resources. Larger companies have usually been engaged in the technology game longer and have built their infrastructure, websites, team, software, and resources. […]

How Can Commercial Photography Improve Your Business’s “Image”

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What does it mean to enrapture an audience? It is more than fancy words, creative website design, and phenomenal products. A business attempting to appeal to its audience must have a hook to create a sense of desire for customers to act upon. You need a visual representation of what potential customers want to own […]

5 Commercial Photography Tips from Digital Marketing Experts

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Snap! Click! Smile! Today, you are behind the camera instead of in front of it. As a business owner, it is critical for your marketing to employ high-quality photos demonstrating your brand, message, and product to your potential customers. Unfortunately, photography is not easy; professionals spend their entire lives learning and honing the craft. However, […]

7 Ways Professional Product Photographers Help your Digital Marketing

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Photographer Snap! Click! Wow, what a good photo! We are all amateur photographers in some form or another. There is a good chance you have snapped a downright amazing photo a few times, elevating your photography confidence. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make someone a professional. When it comes […]

10 of the Best Advertising Metrics to Track for your Advertising Campaign

digital advertising metrics to track for your digital advertising campaign

The digital advertising space is forever changing and evolving; there is never a guarantee that a successful campaign will be successful again. That is why it is critical to be well informed and engaged in the top advertising metrics to ensure the smooth sailing of an advertising campaign. Today, we are sharing with you 10 […]

12 Ways to Create Engaging Content for your Digital Marketing

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How to Make Engaging Content for Your Businesses Digital Marketing Reels, hashtags, SEO, evergreen content, mentions….what? Wait, I’m supposed to do that on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and more? HUH! With the countless ways to communicate with the world and a potential audience, small business owners are faced with building a digital marketing strategy […]