Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is strategic and targeted advertising for reaching new customers through online ads on platforms like Facebook & Google.

We utilize every stage of the sales funnel to create a digital advertising campaign that educates and excites potential customers! 

There are 4 different types of digital advertising for your business, search, display, social, and influencer.

Get New Clients and Customers with Digital Advertising

Digital advertising creates opportunities for businesses to tell their brand story to their target audience and provide them with an offer to act on. Here are a few great reasons for you to focus your efforts on digital ads:

  1. Your potential customers are on digital channels
  2. Digital advertising has greater targeting capabilities to hone in on your ideal customer
  3. Customer intent data enables campaigns to be personalized to the audience’s experience
digital advertising

Digital Advertising Service Includes:

Reach Your Audience with Targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads

More than any other advertising platform, social media advertising helps maximize your brand’s visibility and user engagement.

At Spotted Fox Digital, we are one of the premier agencies that specialize in digital advertising that includes  YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Ads.

Strategic Digital Marketing Campaigns

Google Ads/PPC

Reach customers searching for your product or service online. We do this through targeted keyword campaigns, location-based, and re-targeting visitors to your website who do not contact you. Our PPC and Google experts can guide you on the best strategy to fit your marketing budget!

Facebook Ads

Your Social Presence Is More Important Than Ever. We provide several service levels depending on your business’ specific needs. We help with paid advertising, daily posts management and will even consult with your staff and provide direction to reach your goals!

Lead Generating Ads

Need More Customers? Our lead generation team will employ strategies to get more qualified leads who are interested in your services and/or products. Our team will help deliver qualified leads for your sales team. We help you identify your ideal clients and create profiles we can target online.

Chat Bots

Get a 24/7 sales person on autopilot. We will help your inbound marketing strategy and automate your entire sales process! We learn your inbound process and help you develop automated flows to save you time!

Sales Funnels

Got Landing Pages? Funnels are even better! They strategically help your target audience make decisions faster and increase your conversion rates. Spend less in online advertising with an optimized funnel and solid strategy today!


Know where your target audience spends time in the real world? Our location based technology allows advertisers to get their brand in front of the most qualified audience with minimal wasted ad impressions.

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