The Importance of Facebook Retargeting Ads

If you are looking to extend the reach of your brand recognition while increasing leads and repeat customers, then you should consider Facebook, with more than 1 billion active users, and their Facebook retargeting ads.

Facebook has evolved to be more than simply a social media platform. Facebook has transformed itself into being a powerful marketing megaphone that has the potential to significantly elevate a company’s brand recognition in exciting and rewarding ways.

Facebook Retargeting Ads, in particular, are one of the more influential advertising features. They enable your business to connect with users who are already acquainted with your brand, whether it is through an established customer list or activity on your site that was captured by a tracking pixel. 

The advantages of Facebook retargeting are extensive! They include aiming ads at audiences based on their previous activities so you can funnel them back to your content. 

What Are Facebook Retargeting Ads?

In essence, Facebook retargeting involves finding people who have visited your business website and then using their data to locate their Facebook profiles. This allows you to manage advertising campaigns that target those consumers and persuade them to re-engage with your website in meaningful ways. 

So, Facebook retargeting ads make it possible to reach people who have already interacted with your brand in some way – on or off Facebook. 

This includes users who have:

  • Shared their email with you as leads or customers
  • Followed your business Facebook Page or engaged with it in some manner
  • Interacted with a Facebook Event sponsored by your company
  • Viewed some of your on-platform videos, including ad videos
  • Engaged with your app
  • Viewed specific pages on your website or interacted on your site
  • Interacted with your Instagram Page

All of this enables you to create custom audiences and then you decide who you want to retarget to. Retargeting ads, as they make it possible to reach people who are already knowledgeable about your brand, can result in higher conversion rates and lower cost-per-click averages than other kinds of ads. 

You might be asking yourself why Facebook has become a focal point for retargeting advertising campaigns. 

Here is a screenshot within the Facebook Ad Manager. Facebook Ads has an extensive library of tools available to help businesses reach the audiences they want and display content that is relevant to that audience.

Your Connect with Your Target When They Are Available

People tend to be on Facebook during their leisure time. As opposed to LinkedIn, which is geared toward business-oriented, professional networking, Facebook was created to be a recreational platform, providing a forum for consumers to share pictures, videos, and other content with family and friends. A significant advantage of using Facebook for ads is that you can connect with people when they are inclined to engage. This is an opportune time for businesses to reach out to “pre-qualified” potential customers. 

Your Brand Appears More Important

Facebook is a platform that gives the appearance of your brand being more substantial than it really is. Consumers interpret your business as highly prevalent when they view your brand positioned on various social media platforms. This is why it is smart to take advantage of such a huge pool of potential customers on Facebook, with its 1 billion-plus active users!

By integrating a Facebook Pixel into your website, this enables you to gather extremely useful information on website visitors. You can find out about their identity and behavior. You then leverage that personal information to target your advertisements. This allows you to be more precise with your advertising expenditures, as you optimize the use of your marketing spending. This type of marketing tends to be very effective. For example, despite people unsubscribing from your email or texting chains, you have the capability of reaching them via Facebook. 

What’s more, you have many opportunities to convince consumers to become your customers by being consistently present on their Facebook feeds. 

You Acquire People’s Trust

In order to win over people to your brand, gaining their trust is absolutely necessary. Facebook, like other social media platforms, lends itself to seamless conversations with people distributed through multiple accounts. This gives you an ideal method for building trust with potential customers by being available on their timelines while providing them with an easy way to reach out to you. 

As you can see, integrating a Facebook Pixel into your website and leveraging it to produce an audience and retarget via Facebook is a simple, effective, and profitable marketing tool. 

2021 Facebook Retargeting Ad Strategies

Developing and executing Facebook retargeting ads requires strategy, execution, and monitoring! At the end of the day, you want your ad to be relevant to the viewer and there is where dynamic ads come in to play. Dynamic ads to show relevant items from your website.

Dynamic ads allow you to automatically show each viewer the most relevant products they were interested in on your website with personalized ad creative across Facebook and Instagram, based on the pages they’ve viewed on your website. 

Here is a screenshot within the Facebook Ad Manager. When creating a Facebook ad you can create custom audiences. To effectively execute this strategy you want to target users who visit specific pages but exclude those who have made a purchase. You can do this by excluding users who “visited” your order confirmation page.

Once you have a Facebook Ad Campaign in place you still have work to do! You want to ensure that your retargeting ad campaign is working through monitoring your ad performance and ad optimization.

Facebook reporting can help you understand which types of ads are performing well from your remarketing audience, better understand your demographic, and hopefully show you areas in which you can improve your campaign for better results!

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