What are the Cons of Using AI Generated Content for SEO?

The world is buzzing with news of artificial intelligence programs, such as Chat GBT and Jasper. With all the hype, businesses may be tempted to rely heavily on these programs. While they offer several benefits, there are cons of utilizing AI generated content that goes undermentioned. Today, we are sharing with you the cons of using AI generated content for your business and how you can adequately balance the use of AI in your business. 

Cons of Using AI Generated Content

#1: Questionable Quality and Facts

While AI generated content has made incredible leaps and bounds over the past few years, it is still just a machine, and it isn’t perfect. There are numerous limitations to AI generated content, and it can often end up being:

  • Generic content that lacks creativity
  • Lacking context due to limited data
  • Unable to create original or complex text
  • Written with dry, dull, or overly technical language
  • Including offensive or insensitive language due to limited cultural understanding

On top of that, artificial intelligence can be just plain wrong. Just because it scans all of the available data, it doesn’t mean the data is correct. We can’t forget the phrase, “don’t trust everything you read on the internet.” AI can pull incorrect, offensive, irrelevant, inappropriate, and misleading data content to craft its work. Thus, it may end up producing content that is questionable in quality and facts. 

#2: Lack of Uniqueness & Possible Plagiarism

Artificial Intelligence utilizes existing information to create content. While it analyzes high quantities of data, it is still relying on the knowledge and voice of others. Due to this, content can lack uniqueness, present incorrect brand voicing, and is at a higher risk for plagiarism. 

Remember, for AI to create content, someone somewhere must have already said it. Therefore, it is not shocking that Google’s algorithm punishes websites that duplicate other people’s content. Whether it is identical or highly reflective of others’ published works, Google can penalize AI generated content by lowering its rankings. Plus, think of your business’s reputation. The words you put out into the world represent your brand – so every piece of content should be consistent and unique to your brand image. 

#3: Potential Flags for Non-User-Generated Content

It comes as no surprise that Google’s algorithms are being trained to detect AI generated content, machines detecting machines. In previous algorithm updates, Google has made it clear that it prefers user-generated content over AI generated content. Essentially, it doesn’t want people to flood the internet with content just to increase traffic; it wants content to be “people-first” – content designed for humans by humans to deliver a satisfactory experience based on the reader’s wants. 

As a result of Google’s algorithm being updated to prefer people-first content, it is now designed to detect and flag AI generated content as potentially low-quality, spam, or unhelpful. When the algorithm identifies non-user-generated content, it can penalize a website’s search ranking, which, in turn, will decrease site traffic, visibility, and overall performance.  While Google’s AI detection capabilities are still in new phases, they will just get better over time. 

How Can Businesses Balance the Pros and Cons of AI Generated Content?

While businesses should be wary of the problems above, there are still ways to utilize AI generated content in your business. Companies can create high-quality, engaging content that engages their audience, establishes their brand, and drives long-term growth and success through a careful balance of humans and machines working together. 

Use AI To Assist, Not Replace

While it may be tempting to simply plug in a prompt and let AI do its thing, the above cons are far too great. Therefore, AI should be used to assist in content creation, not replace the writer. Businesses can utilize AI to analyze data, pull information from a wide array of sources, provide quick insights, and even generate ideas. The writer can then utilize that information to produce high-quality, brand-focused content that meets the needs of the business. Remember, it’s not about quantity but quality! 

Enhance Existing Content with AI

AI can assist businesses in enhancing existing content. One of the easiest ways to do this is to utilize AI to crawl websites and identify website traffic and user behavior. It can locate where users spend the most time and where they bounce quickly away from. You can use such information to drop a vital call to action at those popular spots, improve the content in underperforming locations, or revamp search engine optimization techniques to hit a different target. 

Use Human Writers to Write People First Content

human writer creating content Spotted Fox Digital Marketing

As we said above, “people first” content is the priority among the algorithms, which should align with the mission of a business. After all, you are appealing to people for your business, even though machines help you get there. Therefore, the importance of hiring human writers to create high-quality, people-first content cannot be overstated. Human writers excel in creativity, emotional intelligence, and adding that personal touch that drives engagement with human-created content. Not only do human writers have the ability to connect with the target audience, evoke emotions, and convey complex topics in a relatable manner, but they understand the brand they are working for – allowing them to build a loyal audience, increase SEO performance, and establish the business as leaders of the industry. 

Spotted Fox Digital Marketing – Marketing Solutions that Drive Results

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