What Videos Do You Need for Your Business?

Leverage the power and popularity of videos for your business to promote your brands selling points! YouTube, and video production in general, have reshaped the online marketing landscape and your business needs to adapt to keep up with your market’s demand as videos are now arguably the most effective strategy you can employ to connect with your target audience and grow your brand!

Nowadays, people who could be your potential new customers are watching videos more now than ever before. It’s no coincidence that YouTube is the most popular online platform in the U.S.  eMarketer predicts the number of U.S. YouTube watchers will increase to 228.1 million by 2024, up from 214.9 million in 2020.  What’s more, 74 percent of people in the U.S. use YouTube. 

In the age of mobile marketing, smartphone users are drawn to engaging videos in record numbers. There is no better source for marketing your business than videos!

If you aren’t convinced yet, consider these striking numbers:

  • Every month, 85 percent of Internet users in this country watch video content. 
  • By the end of 2021, the average person will invest 100 minutes every day watching online videos – a 19 percent increase from 2019. 
  • 93 percent of companies claim they got a new customer because of their video content on social media. 
  • 63 percent of businesses report that video gives them the best return on investment (ROI) on social media. 

Video marketing involves conveying your Unique Selling Proposition and brand differentiation points to viewers in an engaging, compelling way. It’s also about creating an appealing narrative that promotes the virtues of your business products while connecting with the interests of your audience. 

When it comes to Tri-Cities video production, we recommend the following types of videos that will get your business noticed and reach more people effectively – all of which will help you attract more customers. We believe these types of videos will help your business not only effectively promote your products and services, but also convert leads and build your audience. 

11 Types of Videos that Can Give Your Business the Most ROI

  1.  Product Videos

The first and most important goal for any video production should be promoting the merits and benefits of your products. Product videos showcase your products’ features and benefits while also explaining how your products work. This type of video is especially helpful when your audience includes people who are already aware of your products and are simply waiting to be convinced to buy what you’re selling. Think of it as closing the deal. 

You also want to leverage these videos to include updates to your products. You want to keep your potential new customers interested in your products by presenting product update videos that show viewers the latest features and capabilities to your products, as they help to increase product adoption. 

The most important aspect of your video production is aligning the script with the concept. You can expect video production to take five to ten hours on average.

  1.  Educating Videos

These educating or explainer videos are designed to instruct your audience on how to solve a problem with your products. You want to clearly connect the benefits of your product to the resolving of the consumer’s problem. Viewers can utilize information from these videos and take productive actions toward addressing their issues. 

Ideally, these educating videos are great for ramping up content on your blog. This type of product video – underscoring the merits of your product – is easily searchable and reduces the number of product questions put forth by customers. 

It is likely the video production time will be 20 hours to 24 hours, as there is much
detail-oriented planning involved.  It’s important to note that the pay-off to producing these videos is big. 

  1.  Company Training Videos

In this era of information overload, combined with a hyper-competitive business environment, it is a good idea to provide your employees with company training videos. Guide your employees through the processes of how your products work – the ins and outs – as well as how your business operates. We suggest that these videos are geared toward all of your staff so everyone is equally informed and prepared to succeed at their jobs. 

These videos usually take five to ten hours to produce.      

Video Time:  You should allow five to 10 minutes of length for these videos. 

  1.  Testimonial Videos

People trust other people more than they trust companies and corporations. Nothing sways you like your peers endorsing a particular company’s products. These videos have one sole purpose – to have your most enthusiastic customers serve as evangelists for your products.  

In these videos, you demonstrate the positive impact your products are having on other people’s lives. Testimonial videos are very effective at persuading consumers to become customers based on glowing reviews from your most loyal customers. 

Your Tri-Cities video production time is likely to be one to two days, depending on logistics involved in reaching your customers to shoot the video. 

Video Time:  The time for these particular videos is typically five to 10 minutes, but shorter videos usually have more impact. 

  1.  Event Promotional Videos

Think of this type of video as laying out the red carpet for people to attend your special event. It could be a conference, webinar, etc. These videos are meant to promote your event – covering the merits and take-aways – while giving viewers a sense of your brand. 

Make sure you provide people with a clean, concise summary of the event while also giving viewers a strong call to action. The call to action prompts people to register for the event and to mark this important date on their calendars. 

You can expect the video production time to be as brief as one hour to as long as a few days depending on how ambitious and long the event is. 

Video Time:  You want to keep this video short and tight. So one to two-and-a-half minutes is recommended. 

  1.  Company Culture Videos

You will find that business culture videos tend to be enjoyable to produce and easy to put together. The content could be about any aspect of the operation of your business. You can even be eccentric and humorous as you give viewers a glimpse of what life is really like during a typical day at your company. 

The objective of these videos is to let consumers see the personal side of your company. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at employees and the company as a whole. If you have a mascot, include that in your video. Have fun with it and be creative. 

Feel free to use these videos to recruit people to work at your company by showcasing the work environment. You want people to come away from this video really knowing the office culture at your business. 

These videos normally take just one to five hours to create. The video production is usually a simple, straightforward process. 

Video Time:  Because of the creative liberties that can be taken, there is more latitude with these videos when it comes to time. However, we suggest at least one minute long but no longer than five minutes. 

  1.  Social Videos

No matter what social media platform you use – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok – or more than one simultaneously, you want to produce videos that will send traffic to your website. Being present on the social media platforms gives your business the potential to send pre qualified customers to your website. Social media is the ideal source for creating and maintaining a pool of potential new customers. 

The good news is that much of the content you’ll need for these videos already exists, having been produced for the purpose of publicizing events and updating people on your products. This translates into an hour to perhaps as long as two days for video production if you produce original content. 

Video Time:  Keep in mind that people’s attention span on social media is very short. People are easily distracted when visiting social media.  That is why these videos should be kept to one minute or less, and absolutely no longer than two minutes. 

  1.  Teaser Videos for Social Media 

You will want to leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to cultivate leads for the generation of new customers and build brand recognition with current customers. 

Your teaser videos on social media will give people a preview of your longer videos, enough to excite them and motivate them to watch the entire video at your site. You can not only tease, or offer a glimpse of, any new content, you can also use these videos to promote blog articles, e-books, and podcasts. Teaser videos are ideal for promoting upcoming live events your company will be sponsoring or hosting. 

Your video production time will be shaped by the social media platform you use.  For instance, Instagram stories are required to be no longer than 15 seconds. Video production time will vary based on the size and scope of your social media campaign, but count on several minutes to a couple of hours in general. 

Video Time:  Teasers are meant to be short and to the point. We suggest one minute or less in duration. 

  1.  Live Streams 

This is an ideal opportunity to build authority and increase market share for your business by live streaming events that your company sponsors. For example, you could live stream conferences your business is hosting, or seminars you are sponsoring.  Live stream major product announcements!

When it comes to what platforms to use to live stream events, consider Facebook, as this is especially a good idea if your business is already active there. Facebook Live events could potentially reach scores of people, some of whom might be predisposed to liking your products. 

Because there is no post-production necessary for Live Streaming, you will focus the vast majority of your time on setting up the equipment for each event. We recommend using a tripod to ensure the video footage is stable. Part of the video production process entails asking speakers to adjust their positioning to ensure they are always standing in the frame, allowing you to capture all relevant elements in the shot. The most time-consuming aspect of live streaming is setting up shots and preparing the scenes. 

Video Time:  The duration of the event will dictate how long the live steaming process is. It will probably range from a half hour to a couple of hours. 

  1.  Podcast Videos

Best practices for making podcast videos consist of developing ample amounts of associated content while filming each individual episode, and including concise, supplementary clips. These clips could be sneak previews and behind-the-scenes footage, for example. You definitely want to disseminate these videos onto your website and on social media platforms where you already have a presence. 

Video production time for your Tri-Cities business will be the same amount of time as it takes to produce your podcast. 

Video Time:  Since many people tune in to podcasts on their way to and from work, it is best to time these podcast videos to average commute times, such as 30 minutes to an hour. 

  1.  Video Series

Now that high-end video production is available to more people than ever, there is nothing preventing your company from producing a video series to promote your brand. A video series is tailor-made to grow your brand in many ways. Creating compelling, episodic video content allows your customers and other faithful followers to engage with your content and potentially become evangelists for your products. 

Producing a video series tends to be more time intensive than other types of videos. We would recommend first deciding what type of show you want to produce and then determine how it relates to your brand marketing strategy. 

Video Time:  As there is not much research data to indicate what duration for this type of video is most effective, you would be better off formulating your content, and then you’ll reach the right time length by allowing your story to be told in an authentic and compelling manner. 

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