Camera Shy? How To Prep For Your Big Video Shoot Day

Even if you aren’t a digital marketing expert or a savvy business professional, chances are you know that when it comes to online marketing content, video is becoming increasingly essential. Whether it is found on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, consumers are drawn to video in big ways. That is why we’ve put together this article to provide you with what you need to prep for video shoot!

In order to persuade consumers to flock to your brand, you need video!  Here are some video figures that leave no doubt as to the importance of video in digital marketing:

  • 78 percent of people watch online videos every week, and 55 percent view online videos on a daily basis
  • By 2022, online videos will make up greater than 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic
  • After Google, YouTube is the second most trafficked site
  • 81 percent of businesses leverage video in their marketing campaigns, a 63 percent jump since the previous year. 
  • Users spend 88 percent more time on websites that contain videos
  • 97 percent of marketers report that video helps users understand their products and services better, which helps to stimulate sales. 

Recommendations for Making a Successful Marketing Video

Prep for Video Shoot  – Before You Begin Shooting

Should You Use Professional Actors in Your Marketing Video?

*It may be worth naming a time when you WOULD hire actors. Currently, it feels like there are advantages and then it quickly says it usually isn’t worth it. Consider adding: “hiring actors can be useful to pose as clients or outside roles, which can increase the production value of a video. Despite these advantages, it usually makes more sense to have you, as the business owner, CEO, Founder, Marketing Director, or salesperson, to represent the face of the company.

By opting for an actual representation of your business, you present more credibility and legitimacy, especially when it comes to solving challenging problems. You could also bring a charming personality that assists in personifying your brand. Any type of manager of your company also injects greater authenticity and respect than an actor ever could.

Know Your Video Audienc

Regardless of what your video objectives are, you need to first define your audience as you begin the content-creation process. This might be an elaborate process that includes creating buyer personas, which are specific descriptions of your ideal customers. The script should be written as though you are addressing real people.

Keep in mind that your audience might be composed of people with varied interests, so you likely will have overlapping interests that you can take advantage of in your video content. 

Clarify & Sharpen Your Message

Just as essential as defining your audience is defining and clarifying your message. Avoid the urge to squeeze too much information into one video. Instead, create a tailored video composed of a detailed message and a specific goal. You will be more effective in presenting your message in this manner. 

Set a Reasonable Budget

Setting a realistic budget before you start shooting will help you avoid budget overruns. Setting a realistic budget can be a multi-layered process. You have the size of the crew to consider, as well as the tools and resources needed to produce the video. Keep in mind that some aspects of video creation are more expensive than others. Be mindful of the costs associated with voice-overs and third-party interviews. 

You should hesitate in taking the cheaper route when producing your videos, such as using your smartphone while featuring your employees as cast and crew.  A poor quality video could tarnish the perception of your brand with the very people you want to impress. 

Time Involved with Your Video Shoot

How long you will need to shoot your video is directly related to what you want the video to accomplish. We recommend you consult your producer or director to set the video time. You should also allow for “cushion time” in your video production to account for occurrences such as setting up and taking down equipment.

What You Should Wear – Prep for Video Shoot

Your producer, director, or stylist can help with the details of your attire. But general considerations include the following: 

Colors:  Confer with your crew, but in general you should probably avoid pure white or black colors and really bright colors. Also do not wear saturated colors such as orange or red. 

Patterns:  We advise against wearing tight, repeating patterns. They tend to cause issues with the camera. 

Glasses:  You’ll find that lighting on the set can cause reflections in glasses. Either remove your glasses or allow for downtime for the lights to be adjusted. Notify the producer or director if you will be wearing glasses. 

Makeup:  Always inquire whether there will be makeup and/or a hairstylist available. If not, be prepared to use your personal makeup products. 

NOTE on Appearance:  When it comes to appearing more flattering on camera – like looking slimmer – you might consider wearing dark colors, and that includes solid or vertical lines, both of which create a slimming effect. 

Read the Video Script In Advance or prepare general answers to interview questions

Always practice your script ahead of time. Be comfortable with it and read it aloud. You don’t necessarily have to memorize the script, as that could lead to you sounding less authentic. It helps to talk about a topic you are comfortable with and ideally passionate about. When filming an interview-style video try to rephrase the question into your answer. The reason for this is because the interviewer’s voice will not be in the video and the audience needs to know what you are answering.


Interviewer: “What did you have for breakfast?”

Interviewee: “For breakfast I had…” or  “I had…for breakfast”

Presentation for Your Video Shoot

Reading from a Prompter

Keep in mind that reading from a teleprompter is not easy and it can make you look distracted and not focused on your audience. Above all else, make sure you always look directly into the camera. 

In order to sound as genuine and sincere as possible, try putting some inflection in your voice. Also look directly at the center of the prompter – where the camera lens is – when reading the video script. 

You may need to adjust the timing of the teleprompter to ensure the speaker sounds natural.


Throughout the video, be sure to smile. You want viewers to perceive you as happy so they accept what you saying as believable. It is especially important to smile at the beginning and end of your time on camera. 

Put Your Best 8 Seconds First

You might not be surprised to know that the average attention span of most people – including those in your audience – is about eight seconds. It doesn’t take much for viewers to click away from your video. The initial eight seconds is a reasonable amount of time to capture the viewers’ attention and let them know what to expect for the duration of the video. 

Form a Personal Connection

Your goal throughout this video is for your viewers to see you as an expert, as they place their trust in your brand. This trust should extend to your products and services and every other aspect of your brand. Storytelling through video can create a strong bond, as viewers are drawn to it on a personal level. In essence, what you want to accomplish with your video is creating moments of connection. 

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