Why Video Testimonials Are So Powerful

Video Testimonials

Everyone’s seen a testimonial on a website. Often, they appear in text form as a quote from a customer who uses a product or service and recommends it to others. Written testimonials carry weight, to be sure, but a video testimonial can have a significant impact on viewers. But what makes a video testimonial so powerful?

The short answer is that video appeals to the human brain in a way that written words cannot. Humans have evolved over time, but we retain some of the instinctual abilities of our most primitive ancestors. One of those abilities literally requires us to detect and analyze something that’s in motion. It’s a skill our ancestors used both to protect themselves from other predators, and to find something tasty to eat!

Videos are Irresistable

The motion speaks directly to the most primitive part of the human brain, and it is irresistible. People cannot help but stop and watch something that’s in motion. It doesn’t matter that the subject of our attention is neither threatening nor edible. If it moves, we watch it. Add aesthetically pleasing visuals, color, and sound, and we’re helplessly hooked.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention with Video

Once the video has captured our attention, we can tune in and analyze what we’re seeing and hearing. If we’re watching a video testimonial, we’re seeing and hearing someone who has already made the exact decision we’re contemplating, and they’ve had a good result. In most cases, actors don’t deliver testimonials. Instead, a “real” person relates the genuine results of their actual experience with a product or service. Video testimonials have the undeniable benefit of authenticity, which is what viewers are looking for.

A video testimonial gives us the ability to relate to the content immediately. These testimonials tell us what we want to know: “What happened? How did it turn out?!” When we know that others who were once in our position had a positive experience when they made the decision we’re now considering, it makes saying “Yes” that much easier. The video testimonial gives us credible evidence to suggest that we can safely make a decision and get the results we’re looking for.

There’s also the issue of authority. A video testimonial creates a sense of the authority of the person who is speaking. The person is so confident that their decision to buy a product or service made a positive impact on them that they’ll share their experience freely. They can speak about their experience in a way that helps the viewer envision his or her own potential results.

Video Marketing is Powerful

When you consider all of these elements, it’s easy to see why having a video testimonial on your website can have a major impact. Video excels at initially capturing a person’s attention. A powerful message about your product or service from someone with the relevant experience can help a decision-maker reach a conclusion.

The amazing thing about video testimonials is that they can deliver in a very short period of time. Many testimonials accomplish their goals in 1-2 minutes. Viewers will watch a short testimonial in its entirety without feeling as though they’re spending time unproductively. In addition, video production is highly cost-effective, and digital editing platforms can add professional quality transitions and text easily. High-quality video production reflects well on your business and makes it easier for prospective customers to choose your products or services over other options.

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