Do I Need A Social Media Strategy?

Social media strategy is an extremely valuable tool for identifying consumers who might be interested in becoming customers for your business. By leveraging such social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube your primary brand selling points go viral as your messaging reaches scores of consumers.

Having social media as a launching pad for your business messaging is analogous to talking through a megaphone to a stadium of consumers. Social Media tools perfectly complement your website as social media serves as a funnel to direct pre-qualified customers from Facebook, for instance, to your website.

If used correctly, social media can generate large pools of potential customers —people predisposed to buy your products or services — that will likely produce a sizeable revenue stream.

Spotted Fox Offers 3 Options for Social Media Marketing

As you consider using social media to galvanize your online marketing campaign, you can select from three different options when you partner with Spotted Fox Digital Marketing.

These three approaches are Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, and Social Media Consulting. Our experts at Spotted Fox partner with your business to create a strategy for social media. Then we work collaboratively on execution.

For social media management, your business does not have to invest time in social media strategy and execution. Instead, Spotted Fox presents you with our management packages to help you establish a strong social media presence.

Social Media Consulting is ideal for your business if you already have a robust presence on social media. In this scenario, Spotted Fox takes you to the next level of social media marketing.

Key Elements for Social Media Marketing

As you venture into social media marketing, you first need to develop a marketing strategy. This strategy is crucial in determining which social media channels you are going to use and how you will use them. For every one of these channels, there should be a clear and compelling purpose.

Your company should have a firm presence on the main social media platforms that include Facebook and Instagram. Depending on what type of products and services you offer will determine which social media channel (s) you will leverage to increase your brand awareness. Facebook and Instagram have the largest market shares when it comes to social media.

As we partner with your business, Spotted Fox will collaborate to develop marketing plans that are designed to generate more exposure to the right consumers and your customers. When it comes to using social media, it is essential to communicate your brand identity and the unique selling point (USP) for your business.

The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to bring about engagement! Engagement happens when a user takes action on a post or an ad. For instance, engagement could mean a click, LIKE, Share, Reaction, Comment, message, or a click on a post or ad. Engagement is a key part of social media marketing because it means you are being social and engaging with your users! Consumers are more likely to remember a brand they interacted with.

Your investment of time in social media should soon pay dividends in the form of generating followers of your brand on social media. Using a tailored social media strategy for your specific business will yield other benefits like a greater Reach – the number of people who view your post, and Impressions – how many times your social media content is displayed.

Social Media Management Saves You Time

When you opt for social media management, Spotted Fox creates management packages to help your business generate a social media presence without you having to invest your time. Our social media marketing packages include content creation and producing daily posts.

Social Media Management involves us holding monthly strategy meetings with you at your business. From these strategy sessions, we create content for posts on Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms.

Social Media Consulting Takes You to the Next Level

Our Social Media Consulting is geared toward a business that already has a strong presence on social media. At Spotted Fox, we come in to take your social media content and marketing to a higher level.

Here are the steps for strategy and execution for social media consulting:

  • We hold regular meetings
  • We Develop a rotating 4-week strategy
  • We help you develop daily posts that are engaging
  • Content Strategy
  • Generate reports to track activity, engagement, and audience size
  • Competitor Comparison

With Social Media Consulting, Spotted Fox works closely with your internal staff to create engaging, compelling, and relevant posts. We will direct your team on the types of posts each day, content that needs to be developed, and copy for posts when necessary.

Think of Spotted Fox as your internal marketing team that provides your business with best practices, modern strategies, and beneficial advice that enables your business to succeed with social media marketing!

What to Look for in a Social Media Marketing Agency

When it comes to searching for the right social media marketing agency for your business, the most significant factors to consider are accessibility, locale, and do they have a dedicated team member for your company.

You should expect that your social media marketing agency is local and that they are easy to reach. For accountability purposes, a representative needs to be available to work closely with you. Other important aspects to evaluate include reading their online reviews to assess their competence, and obtain references so you are confident about their level of expertise.

Find out if they outsource their work. Ask them if they blog, provide resources, or host workshops as that would serve to enhance your chances for success on social media.

What’s more, inquire about how much strategic direction they provide to see if it is compatible with your needs. And if your time and involvement are limited, determine whether or not a social media marketing agency can provide content for you.

In essence, if your social media marketing agency is local, accountable, easy to reach, is rich with relevant resources, and has proof of their success, you are on your way to having a potentially successful social media marketing campaign.