10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2023

In the last two decades, the internet has become one of the most consequential technologies in the world. In just over a decade, web users have increased dramatically from 49% of Americans in 2010 to over 83% in 2021. Rising web usage indicates that people spend increasing amounts of time on social media, consuming content, and browsing the web. The habit of picking up a smartphone or opening a computer when you need answers or have time to fill is infectious.

The increasing time spent on digital platforms gives companies unprecedented opportunities to connect with their customers. Businesses across the globe are taking advantage by developing a digital marketing strategy. Online advertising gives businesses the ability to reach and interact with potential consumers in a uniquely personal way. If you are unfamiliar with digital marketing or unsure how to adjust your strategy, read on to learn about ten critical reasons you should invest in developing a digital marketing strategy as soon as possible!

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Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2023

1. Keep Up with the Competition

Online advertising is a more agile environment than traditional marketing channels like TV or newspaper ads. You can connect with your customer at unprecedented rates, but so can your competitors. To stay competitive with other companies and brands, you must have a digital marketing strategy. Developing a successful strategy helps you remain relevant and at the top of your field. Without an online game plan, you will lose face time and interactions with customers to more tech-savvy rivals.

2. Maintain Website Efficiency

A quality digital marketing plan includes constructing and running an efficient website. A well-built page attracts customers and holds their attention navigating your page and consuming your content. Efficient pages and lingering customers are excellent for your search engine optimization (SEO), which is another critical component of your online marketing plan. It also increases your conversion rate and brand recognition, earning more potential customers. 

3. Provide Brand Consistency

Whether you are an established name in your field or are just starting, maintaining brand consistency is crucial to success. It is challenging to remain true to your brand without an online advertising plan. Digital marketing is fast-paced, multi-faceted, and requires many decisions each day. Maintaining a consistent theme, message, and look can only be achieved through strategizing and planning.

4. Connect with Consumers

Effective digital marketing strategies help you connect easier, faster, and more intimately with consumers. It tailors your message to each platform, targeting both potential and returning clients. This specialized form of advertising can help you make more powerful impressions on internet users and increase their awareness and appreciation for the brand. It also allows users to interact with the brand by liking, sharing, commenting, reviewing, and rating its products and services. This not only provides you with valuable feedback; it helps attract new users who see how other previous clients feel about your company. 

5. Create Useful Content

Producing and publishing content on the internet that is useful to your targeted audience is becoming very important for successful digital marketing. Your potential clients search the web for information, answers, and solutions to their problems. Creating content like short-form videos, live streams, podcasts, blogs, and social media stories that address their questions and issues funnels them directly to your webpage and brand. Consumers also love interactive content that allows them to feel connected to a brand, increasing their likelihood of conversion into customers. 

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6. Master Google Algorithms

Google is the number one search engine in the world – the gateway to the internet. To access information or a brand, users usually first interact with Google. You need to know Google’s algorithm to rank at the top of the search engine results pages. An effective digital marketing strategy uses Google AdWords keywords and Google Analytics to keep you up to date on the game and at the top of those results pages!

7. Hone In On Your Direction

Companies without a digital marketing plan are like leaves in the wind. Without strategic goals, it is impossible to send the same messages across the many platforms in the online advertising sphere. You may post one type of content on Instagram but have Google Ads or other pay-per-click ads running a different concept. A clear internet marketing plan helps your company approach your consumers with one voice.

8. Find Your Target Audience

Internet development enables instantaneous connections with users across the world. This opens up completely new markets, sectors, and demographics of people who could become potential clients. An effective marketing plan uses search queries and histories to help you reach prospective customers you didn’t even know existed!

9. You Waste Resources

Efficient and comprehensive digital marketing strategies can save you time. It prevents you from spending time duplicating your content across all of your web-based platforms and errors and the eventual need to correct them. Developing a marketing plan allows your team to plan more effectively and manage and optimize each platform individually and as a group. Ultimately, this streamlines your efforts and eliminates wasted time and money. 

10. Become More Agile

The internet and its constant change mean you must become agile to gain or keep viewers. This may seem overwhelming, but it can be beneficial if you use a digital marketing strategy. The internet allows you to see what content your prospective clients are interacting with and their responses in real-time, far faster than ever before. If you can respond quickly and tailor your brand and content to their needs, you can optimize your online reach and conversion rates.

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How Spotted Fox Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

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