12 Ways to Create Engaging Content for your Digital Marketing

How to Make Engaging Content for Your Businesses Digital Marketing

Reels, hashtags, SEO, evergreen content, mentions….what? Wait, I’m supposed to do that on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and more? HUH! With the countless ways to communicate with the world and a potential audience, small business owners are faced with building a digital marketing strategy in ways they have never had before. If you are a small business owner looking to create engaging content for your local marketing campaign, we encourage you to utilize these helpful ideas in your digital marketing. 

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Why Use Digital Marketing?

In a world of bustling online commerce, you must take to the internet to build brand recognition, drive new customers to your business, and compete against other local businesses. You want your business to be the first store people think of when they need your product or service.

Unlike other forms of marketing, digital marketing is a long-term game. Through consistently building your online presence, you create a trusted brand that customers will turn to for knowledge and products. With each new lead, you can create a customer for life. How should you get started? We recommend these tips for building engaging content. 

How to Build Engaging Content

Become a Storyteller

There is a reason why tales from Mother Goose and other classic stories have stood the test of time, outliving their authors by hundreds of years. It is because they suck the reader into the story and leave a memorable impression, whether it be a feeling, a mental image, or a change in mindset. To begin building engaging content, you must learn to be a storyteller and share your tales with your readers.

Pro Tip: Retell the Story

You can tell a good story time and time again, and as we all know, it takes more than once for something you hear to stick. Retell your story in a new, creative way with the same message or ideal intact. You would be amazed at how much content you can get from a single idea. 

Make it Industry Relevant 

A component of digital marketing where businesses tend to slip is relevancy. It can be tempting to go off-topic or off-brand when you run out of ideas. However, let’s say you are a construction company; if so, you shouldn’t be posting pictures of your cat. You never want to post content that will confuse your reader as to what your business does. Your content should always be relevant to your business, message, values, and mission.

Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that stays useful through every season, year after year. It doesn’t become untrue or irrelevant; it is always helpful. We highly recommend incorporating evergreen content, such as high-quality, timeless blog pieces, into every digital marketing strategy. Why? You make it once, and it serves you again and again for years to come with little to no effort from you. 

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Pro Tip: Make Room for Dated Content

While evergreen content should be a staple of your digital marketing strategy, you will also want to make room for dated content to share updates, reviews, and new, wild, and exciting information about the industry. You will draw in a loyal audience if there is a balance between the two. 

Use UGC & EGC Content

User-generated content (UGC) and employee-generated content (EGC) are worth their weight in gold. Whether you hold a media challenge to gather content, use testimonials from happy customers, or have your employees create a how-to video, the potential of adding insight and new voices is often a favorite among readers and fans.  

Provide Transparent Insights

Digital marketing can often get stuck in a loop of glitz and glamor, where audiences only see the beauty without the hard work. However, by sharing behind-the-scenes information, processes, challenges, and even failures, you can gain the respect of your audience and demonstrate that you are a real-world company that is always trying its best. 

Share the Love

Let’s be honest; other companies can also create striking and useful content that will benefit your audience. As long as that company isn’t a direct competitor, sharing engaging content made by others is an excellent way to spice up your digital marketing. 

Pro Tip: Tag Them

When you share content from another company, we recommend giving them a shout-out and tagging them. You never know what may come of it; they could share something in return or even become a partnership down the line. 

Utilize Gorgeous Graphics

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When creating engaging content for your digital marketing strategy, you should always display gorgeous graphics that are on-brand with your company. Plus, videos, reels, and other methods of visual sharing are becoming more and more popular on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Depending on your audience, you can reach a broader customer base when using specific visuals. 

Don’t Forget SEO, Keywords, & Hashtags

While it may not be fun, there is a science to digital marketing beyond simply building engaging content. Search engine optimization (SEO), keywords, and hashtags are like the mortar of your marketing foundation. You need these to draw customers in and connect your other content. 

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The Downfall of Digital Marketing

While digital marketing is a critical component of any successful business, it can be time-consuming, confusing, and expensive if done incorrectly. That is where hiring a professional digital marketing company to handle the nitty-gritty details comes to play. Rather than wasting countless hours researching SEO tactics and writing blog articles, you can focus on the components of your business that need your skill and knowledge the most. 

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