How to Increase Engagements and Followers on Facebook

With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook is an ideal platform to reach your target audience and grow your business. Facebook is clearly the most influential and important social network platform for marketers and business owners to increase engagements and product awareness. 

Think about it this way:  Your Facebook fans are warm leads for your business. They like your business and they probably will seriously consider purchasing your products or services. It is these social media users who are most likely to take advantage of a sale or promotion that your company is running. 

Facebook fans, or followers, not only supplement your new customer pool, but they add credibility to your business. This added legitimacy that Facebook followers offer matters to your customers, your prospects, and your employees. You want your business positioned in front of as many people as possible to optimize brand awareness and widen your sphere of influence. 

How much are Facebook followers worth to your business?  One researcher recently calculated that the average value of just one Facebook Like is $174. This means that Facebook Likes eventually generate revenue for your company! The value of increasing engagements on social media has never been higher for business owners.

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Tips to Increase Engagements and Add More Followers on Facebook

So what are the best ways to increase engagements with your Facebook followers in order to increase revenue and grow your business?

When you let Spotted Fox Digital Marketing be your Tri-Cities social media management agency, we will show you many effective ways to improve the stature of your company on Facebook that will help you gain revenue. 

Building Brand Awareness is Number One Goal to Increase Engagements on Facebook.

Put simply, your business connects with existing and new customers by increasing your Facebook Page audience.  More people – who become pre-qualified new customers – will be exposed to your brand as you broaden your reach on social media. 

By utilizing effective posts and the right amounts of images and videos to enhance the appeal of your content, you will persuade Facebook users to become interested in your products and services and eventually make a purchase. When you increase Facebook followers you basically create an expanding pool of new potential customers who are predisposed to like your products or services. 

Primary Ways to Boost your Facebook Followers and Promote Engagement on Facebook

Invite People to Like your Facebook Page

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The initial act your business should take once you have created a page on Facebook is to invite people to Like your Page. Begin by inviting friends, family, employees, and business associates. 

What’s more, as you begin running marketing initiatives on Facebook, you will receive notifications from Facebook to invite people to Like your company page. 

Create a Facebook Like Pop-Up

If you have as one of our main objectives on Facebook to generate huge numbers of Likes, then you should create a Facebook Like pop-up. By doing so, allows you to generate new prospect leads, and increase Likes to your Facebook Page. 

Post Quality Content to your Facebook Page

In order to ensure your page receives a steady flow of new Likes, make sure to create good quality content that promotes the values of your brand and your company’s unique selling proposition, or USP. 

You want the content your company produces to generate as much positive attention as possible on Facebook feeds. 

When you produce exceptional quality posts on Facebook you will naturally accumulate Likes to your page, as long as the social media content is unique and appealing. 

Create Content that Goes Viral

Your business creates viral content by first determining what is blowing up on social media. What are the most trending or noteworthy issues happening right now? 

You can incorporate the use of memes, amusing videos, and relatable quotes to inspire social media users to share your content. As people share your content and it reaches scores of people – along with generating plenty of Likes – you will have succeeded in creating viral social media content. 

Take Advantage of Facebook Live

Your most viral videos could be Facebook Live videos. There are many reasons you might want to unleash the power of Facebook Live events. For example, if you have new products available, feature them in a special Facebook Live event. You could increase Facebook followers by letting users know that you do a Livestream every Thursday, for example. 

If you’re running sales or limited-time offers, promote them on Facebook Live segments. 

An important advantage of Facebook Live videos is that they are displayed on the Facebook Live Map, which means the more viewers who are on your Livestream, the higher your business will show up on the Facebook feed. 

Run Facebook Ads

When it comes to Facebook Ads, you have the option of publishing “Engagement” ads. These types of ads are designed to increase the visibility of your brand on Facebook. An engagement ad on Facebook is ideal for targeting social media users who are in the consideration stage of the funnel — when they’ve already done the research and are somewhat interested in your products or services. 

Once you know the ideal demographics of your business’s target audience – including age, occupations, gender, locations, economic status, etc., you can more efficiently and effectively promote your brand on Facebook. If Facebook users are drawn to your ad, they will probably engage with the post and even Like or follow your Facebook page. 

If you want to utilize Facebook to drive sales, consider running a conversion ad, which will also increase the number of Facebook Likes on your page. Conversion ads allow you to track all actions by a user that is favorable to your business, such as an add to a cart or a purchase. 

Optimize your Facebook Ad Targeting

It is strongly advised that your business leverages the informative Page Insights tool on Facebook to enable you to fully understand more about the people who Like your page and the posts that increase engagement. When you explore your Page Insights tab, you can view data that reveals the interests and ages of your page’s audience. 

Also on your Page Insights tab, you will see helpful information such as the actions people take while on your Facebook page.  This includes the number of clicks on your call-to-action button, as well as engagement metrics for posts. 

All of this rich data makes it possible for your company to understand your audience and determine the social media content that has the best chance of inciting engagement. 

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Create Posts When Your Audience is Active Online

You will bring about heightened social media engagement and more easily encourage participation among Facebook users when you post content at peak times of user online activity. Sharing content when your target audience is online is key to page engagement. 

Learn when your users are most active on Facebook by exploring your Page Insights tab. You can then cross-examine the results against each marketing campaign you have run on Facebook. 

After you discover when your audience is most active on Facebook, you are able to set up a posting schedule. You have the option of also scheduling your posts if you rather not publish them manually. 

By posting when your fans are on this social media platform in the highest numbers, you have a better chance of increasing Facebook followers and optimizing brand awareness. 

Promote Posts to Send People to your Website

Create posts that come attached with a specific call-to-action that sends people to a particular page on your website. This is a perfect way to secure more views on your website or to direct people to a page on your site that contains deals or special offers. 

Add Social Media Links to Your Website to Increase your Facebook Following

If you want to optimize your business’s visibility on social media, then put social media links on your website. Based on the theme of your site, you could place social icons in the header, footer, or sidebar menu. But make sure these social media links are visible immediately when users visit your website. 

The goal is to have the social icons pop when visitors initially view your HOME page on your site. Make it easy for people to click and Like your Facebook page. Consider including as part of the social media link the words, “Like us on Facebook.” 

Other Ways to Increase Engagements and Add Followers on Facebook

Create Plenty of Video Content

Video marketing is a sure way to generate more Facebook Likes and increase the number of Facebook followers. 

Videos on Facebook typically result in higher levels of engagement than just photos or
text-based posts. This translates into more users on Facebook viewing your content, and, potentially, visiting your website. You are sure to expand your pool of pre-qualified prospects on social media with videos. 

Consider that when it comes to increasing your followers on Facebook, it involves more than just building your audience. Making full use of Facebook marketing is all about building your company’s brand!  Consistently creating powerful content with a popular format like videos, will make it possible to build a more robust following on social media. 

So if your primary objective on social media is to increase engagements with the amount of Likes you get, then focus on producing quality videos on Facebook. 

Engage with Your Community on Facebook

In order to reinforce your brand image on social media, it is essential that you engage regularly and in creative ways with your existing customers. Whether you are a small business owner, or you run an e-commerce business, you need to put a premium on direct and frequent interaction with your customers on Facebook. 

The types of engagement with customers could include promptly responding to comments on Facebook posts, and presenting interesting questions to viewers on your posts, and injecting humor into your content that is intended to generate maximum feedback from Facebook users. What’s more, by engaging with your followers, their friends might end up following you as a result.

By regularly engaging with your customers on social media you provide excellent customer service. But you also build relationships, and this is just as important when it comes to inviting customers to take action and purchase your products or services. 

In order to extend your sphere of influence on social media, you should consider joining relevant Facebook groups and offer your contributions to discussions on interesting topics. 

Incentivize Facebook Likes by Offering Coupons

Because the main objective of cultivating Facebook followers is to generate more sales, you might as well add an inducement to people for Liking your page. The Facebook Likes Popup app enables your company to offer customers a coupon if they Like your Facebook page. 

This has the twin benefits of broadening your Facebook target audience and producing more sales as a result of the coupon presented to these newest Facebook followers who are invited to purchase your products or services at a discounted rate. 

Use Hashtags to Expand Reach of Facebook Posts

While “hashtag” is most commonly associated with Twitter and Instagram, it also enables your business to increase your Facebook followers just by including hashtags in your Facebook posts. 

There are two main approaches to hashtags when applied to Facebook posts. You have the choice of using a literal hashtag such as “#hardware” for a post on tools, or you can use an audience-focused hashtag. For the latter approach, you could entice people on Facebook with a particular aspect of your products or services. If you own a spa resort, you might put a spotlight on the health benefits of meditation, for example. 

As a result of using a hashtag for this purpose, you can attract users to your brand and potentially widen your target audience on social media. You now have a larger pool to draw from for adding followers to your Facebook page. 

Email Your List to Boost Facebook Followers

One easy way to increase your Facebook followers is by using your current email list. You have the choice of including social media icons – including Facebook – in every email message to directly let your customers know your business is active on social media. Additionally, you can email your list to request that your customers follow your Facebook page.

Even if you don’t have an email list, you can still increase your Facebook Likes by emailing customers who have agreed to receive email marketing. 

Harnessing the Power of Facebook to Grow Your Business

As you can see, there are many tools and apps that your business can leverage to significantly increase the number of your Facebook followers. With some creativity and ingenuity, you can heighten engagement with Facebook users and effectively interact with people on this social media platform in ways that build brand awareness and increase engagements. 

Increase Engagements and Followers with the Social Media Marketing Experts at Spotted Fox!

Social media marketing is considered the second-most effective form of digital marketing, yet more than one-third of businesses have no social media presence whatsoever!

Also, consider that people rely on the web for information about your business more than any other source. You need an active social media presence to make an impact on your target audience. 

At Spotted Fox Digital, our team of social media experts will set up a strategy to help your business increase followers, optimize brand awareness, and gain revenue.