Nothing Sells, Tells, or Compels like Video


It gives the human senses a feast of music, motion, sound effects, images—all things that the brain craves and that hold one’s attention.

So it’s no surprise that video increases engagementcreates stronger emotional connections, and is more likely to be viewed and remembered than all other media. And because it’s easy to share, mobile-friendly, and suitable for many different types of uses, it’s a powerful marketing tool.

Because video is the most powerful communication tool available, it’s a must-have for today’s business—and a medium we know well. In fact, we’ve produced more than 100 videos in less than two years.

Kennewick Video Production Experts!

How our Kennewick Video Production Services Benefit Your Brand

Industry statistics show that more than half of all businesses in the U.S. leverage videos to promote their brands. Approximately 80 percent of companies report that videos provide a good return on investment.

This is your invitation to utilize our proven video production services, as they will provide your company with real, tangible results that have the potential to strengthen your company’s bottom line.

Higher Conversion Rates

One compelling benefit of our videos is higher conversion rates for clients. Just by having Spotted Fox Digital place a video on one of your landing pages, you could increase your conversion rate by 80 percent, according to WordStream. When we include a video in a business email, we can potentially boost your click-through rate by 200 percent to 300 percent.

The people who make up your target audience expect to see videos on your website and social media pages. And they are very likely to view these videos. Spotted Fox Digital can produce short, impactful, and engaging videos that could move your business down the marketing funnel in just a few minutes.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

It’s helpful to know that Google has been touting the importance of video content for nearly 15 years. This is the reason why, when Spotted Fox Digital produces Kennewick videos for your business and places them onto your website, you likely will be rewarded with higher rankings on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

Videos are a powerful tool when it comes to heightening SEO. While they don’t affect your rankings directly, they do offer your website a better chance of improving them.

After we have produced and uploaded a video for your company, you are likely to see the time spent by visitors on your website increase, and fewer people leaving within a matter of seconds. The “dwell time,” which is how long a visitor spends on your website, is a very relevant ranking factor for Google. A compelling and engaging video has a good chance of preventing visitors from leaving your website – and this lowers your “bounce rate.”

Increased Brand Awareness

Videos are the perfect medium to exponentially increase your brand awareness with your target audience. At Spotted Fox Digital, we will leverage your videos to establish a strong connection between your company and your target audience.

Online media research tells us that companies using video marketing have the potential of increasing brand awareness by
more than 50 percent, especially when they also communicate the personality of their business to viewers.

Enhanced Customer Connection

With video production comes the opportunity to establish lasting relationships with viewers. Videos are integral to establishing a rapport with potential customers and new customers. The vibrancy of videos always beats the black text against a white background when it comes to connecting with visitors to your website. Keep this in mind: it’s much easier to turn away from text and leave your website than it is to turn off a video. At Spotted Fox Digital, we will use your videos to help you form connections with viewers
that will arouse emotions, unlike any other medium, does. During the video production process, our team of experts will use the tone of voice, background music, and facial expressions to prompt the reactions you are wanting from your audience.

Heightened Engagement

Videos that we produce at Spotted Fox Digital have a high share potential. What’s more, we understand and take advantage of the sheer enormous share value of marketing videos for our clients so they can reach large numbers of potential new customers and widen their sphere of influence.

Videos generate 1200 percent more shares than text and images combined! Videos posted on Facebook raise user engagement by 33 percent. It’s equally a good return on investment with email. Just by including the word “video” in the email subject line, you could increase the open rate of your email messages by as much as 13 percent.

Shareability is one of the most efficient ways of getting your brand noticed and appreciated. When Spotted Fox Digital makes your content more shareable, your business will connect to a wider audience, while also giving that audience opportunities to become your brand evangelists!

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